Ecuador 75%

by Brasstown
Info Details
Country USA   
Type Dark   (75%; Batch 025315)
Strain Nacional   (partially)
Source Ecuador   (Manabí; Calceta)
Flavor Fruits & Flowers   
Style Neo-Modern      
Brasstown coming like that millionaire gas station attendant – Ronald Read -- who before his death last year at 92 years of age was known around his hometown as a private, frugal man just working the pumps.

He also knew how to handle an axe for woodcutting & could often be found dressed in worn flannel shirt scavenging for fallen branches for his wood stove at home.

Hmmm, very much in keeping with the premier folk arts school in the USA from which this barsmith derived its name.

Ronald drove a second-hand car & always parked far from meters to save the coins… similar to Brasstown scrimping without cutting any corners to craft its chocolate.

However, Read occasionally indulgence for breakfast at the local coffee shop, where once someone quietly covered his bill under the assumption he lacked the means. Folks at the coffee shop noticed his habit of reading The Wall Street Journal, which seemed inconsistent with his lifestyle. That is until recently when a local hospital & library received their largest bequests ever—donations from him totaling $6 million.

Turns out he shrewdly invested to amass a secret fortune with some savvy stock picks.

Rom & Barbara Still at Brasstown likewise make some selective choices in the cacáo they use which, in this bar, produce a chocolate morphallaxis.

May they be enriched for all their due diligence.
Appearance   4.9 / 5
Color: crimson-mauve
Surface: Brasstown logo scripted into the mould
Temper: puts this on the bike to shine a light in the dark
Snap: heartbreaker / ball buster
Aroma   8.5 / 10
a stately complex motha
first wheeze of stone / yeast / flour blown off by leather / woods / moss -> paprika, ishpinga & musk
Mouthfeel   13.2 / 15
Texture: on point
Melt: on cue
Flavor   42.8 / 50
leavened chocolate (i.e., those yeast in the Aroma billowing forth) -> back fruit (moraberry) -> more cocoa of a breaded nature (quasi-sourdough) -> vague hibiscus & orange blossom -> sweet plantain to marshmallow -> laurel & bamboo -> fudges out over copal
Quality   16.3 / 20
From the good growers of Fortaleza del Valle.

Very trusting & considerate. Nothing overwhelming or smash-mouth & because of that even the objectionable tags taste acceptable. Hence, the Structure hangs together nicely.

Brasstown roasts it fairly (long, low & slow without any hint of char) & backs off the refiner some (sub-60 hours) to let this cacáo(s) express both in- & extrinsic traits in an adroit balancing act.

A bar that grows on you.

INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter

Reviewed October 8, 2015


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