Cacao Butter

by Navitas
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Country USA   
Type White Chocolate   
Strain CCN-51   
Source Peru   
Flavor Earthen   
Style Industrial      
Let’s face it: most chocolate, even Dark chocolate, isn't all that healthy. Which partially accounts for why people indulge in it.

The culprit… next to the microbes, dead insects, animal droppings, & heavy metals that contaminate cocoa piles in the tropics… that newly classified poison called ‘refined sugar’.

100% unsweetened Dark chocolate &, moreover, 100% unsweetened / unadulterated White Chocolate (cocoa butter) minimize the risks.

A recent clinical study undoes about 50 years of cultural brainwashing that saturated fats like butter & heavy whipping cream are bad (with the exception of lethal trans fats).

The new research, financed by the National Institutes of Health & published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, covers a racially & ethnically diverse group. It notes that individuals who consume twice to even triple the recommended limit by the American Heart Association of saturated fats, & up to almost half of all their total daily calories in fats including unsaturated varieties, fared well. Very well. Coupled with a low-carb diet (such as reduced sugar), markers for inflammation & triglycerides — a type of fat that circulates in the blood — plunged. HDL, the so-called good cholesterol, rose sharply. Better still, blood pressure, total cholesterol & LDL, the so-called bad cholesterol, stayed about the same.

Cocoa butter is rich & dense in triglycerides comprised of a glycol molecule adhering primarily & almost equally to 3 fatty acids:
stearic acid – a saturated fatty acid; converts to oleic acid in the liver;
oleic acid – same monounsaturated compound found in olive oil;
palmitic oil – another saturated fatty acid
The differing rates of melt between these 3 make cocoa butter both challenging to work with & intensely sensuous to behold… staking out a generalized melting point close to that of the body.

Cocoa butter has been used for centuries as a soap, an emollient, & an added fat. The Jesuits, huge chocolate drinkers during the European invasion of the New World, were first attracted by extracted cocoa butter’s medicinal healing properties. They established infirmaries & pharmacies giving rise to ‘where there’s a church, there’s chocolate’.

The “raw chocolate” tribe behaves likewise in extolling the virtues of its wares, touting its preserved antioxidants / polyphenols & sundry bio-chems to crown it the supreme ‘superfood’. But as the caduceus points out, the snakes must coil around that fine line between medicine & poison.

Navitas Raw Cacao Butter... to your health or at your hazard.
Appearance   4.1 / 5
Color: gold alloy
Surface: undifferentiated face; air-pimples on the back
Temper: glazed
Snap: bring a jackhammer
Aroma   7 / 10
hope & fear: vanilla oak cask / alcohol / spackle & other hardware supplies in the paint dept
Mouthfeel   6.3 / 15
Texture: surfboard / deck wax
Melt: indestructible… & even long after it passes thru the GI tract, a fairly thick film coats the lining
Flavor   20.8 / 50
flash Bubble Yum® -> beer 'n sawdust... then the deterioration goes on a tear… including a sauerkraut weirding, complete with caraway seeds (sounds better than it tastes) -> aftermath recapitulates the Aromatics, both its positive & negative attribute, adding in some linseed
Quality   5.4 / 20
Pretty virulent.

Conspicuously / thankfully, Navitas does not include a technical spec sheet on the platelet count such as the one provided by Conacado. The taste-bud test, however, indicates a school of them.

And the melt, anticipating utter seduction from the queen of fats, brings the opposite of sensuousness: some industrial plastics site in search of a superfund clean-up. All befitting some of the lowest metrics (upper right corner) ever recorded.

INGREDIENTS: cacáo butter

Reviewed December 15, 2014


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