Info Details
Country Italy   
Type Dark   (70%)
Strain Nacional   
Source Ecuador   
Flavor Fruits & Flowers   
Style Neo-Modern      
Gimungous tidal wave, sequentially cascades & barrels, eventually rolling up all in its path & ripcurls into itself for a body slam that softly touches down.
Appearance   5 / 5
fierce Dark Star
Color: smoldering magenta
Surface: ideal
Temper: blinding mega-watts
Snap: fortified; color variation on inside
Aroma   8.8 / 10
fresh chocolate air-loft: oxygenated coffee, molasses, nuts, & banana leaf; potent
Mouthfeel   12.7 / 15
Texture: firm
Melt: thicker/longer than its 70% content; heftier, like an 85%
Flavor   44.1 / 50
pay attn, especially early on; powers up chocolate treacle -> sweetest blackberry rush, chased by banana, in an indelible black/white contrast -> modulating butter cream alters progression dramatically – mocha cocoa & toast (a rarity for Nacional) dipped in honey... things keep very Criollo-like on cream, almost on the verge of breaking down bland, but too sweet for that, & lifted in an added wisp of interest by jasmine – absolutely shuddering in its caress -> backcross to earlier B&W colors, this time faint blueberry ‘n cream -> pops out & off on hazelnut chocolate while simultaneously holding a full trunk load ala wattleseed
Quality   18 / 20
Near perfect pitch to balance ‘n harmony – lightly acidic & enough sweetness to seem practically bitter-free. So much of a bean’s natural characteristics hinge on the maker’s hands it works in, & Domori clearly exhibits what sugar & roast do compared to his Arriba 100% (as well as a slightly reduced conche).

One minor cavil: loses substantial amplitude over time as flavors progressively recede.


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