Various Bars

by Black Mountain
Info Details
Country USA   
Type Dark   (a. 70%; b. 70% with Nibs; c. Dark-Milk)
Strain Hybrid   
Source Dominican Republic   
Flavor Naked   
Style Mainstream      
Men’s Lingerie. Correct.

With an oo-la-la seductive French name of HommeMystere, this outfit offers a range of lingerie for males: thongs, padded bras, panties, teddies, etc., to alter the landscaping routines for men, or at least helping them change their underwear so to speak.

‘We are not concerned if you are gay, straight, vegetarian, republican, anglican, Martian or any other persuasion" declares the company, ‘we just design & manufacture attractive luxury for men.’

Deluxe chocolate, once the realm mostly for females, now sees more guys slipping into it.

Falling behind those trend lines, this very workmanlike set from Black Mountain retains an all-dude masculine feel.
Appearance   4.6 / 5
Color: pastel browns
Surface: clean
Temper: beyond matte… recessed
Snap: shears
Aroma   6.7 / 10
Dominican Bar
quite the rarity if not quite the novelty (1st chanced upon with Bessone Belizze): peppered latex
sits up into a medium cocoa-pear

Cocoa Nib Bar
same as above + a sour beer edge

Mountain Milk
the whole goat
milk, udder, leather, & pasture
Mouthfeel   11.5 / 15
Texture: shatter shards; Nibs
Melt: long in the face of such tiny fragments
Flavor   42.8 / 50
Dominican Bar
fat raisin send off, molasses undertow -> onboard pork -> drop or two of citrus spray (granadilla) -> licorice

Cocoa Nib Bar
roasted on the verge of grilled chocolate -> similar sour peek as the Dominican (above) -> mewls away in a semi-sweet / semi-sour pout

Mountain Milk
vanilla-goat caramel -> steps neatly into the chocolate bed of some appreciable spice quotient, transmuting the licorice of the 70% Dominican (above) closer to cinnamon -> salted lemon (nice)
Quality   14.2 / 20
Dominican Bar
INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin
Underperforms for a D.R. which still places it miles ahead of most origin bars.

Cocoa Nib Bar
70% with Nibs
INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, Nibs, sunflower lecithin,
Another uncomplicated chocolate. Enough sugar to engage interest that more may be forthcoming. It never arrives due in part to substandard ferment.

Mountain Milk
53% cacáo-content
INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, powdered goat's milk, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin, vanilla
Mountain Goat meets Mountain Chocolate in this milk. Among the elite class of goat's milk choc. Just about every facet from conception to execution carefully done. Truly exceptional in a category typified by palate-busting / head-knocking goat tangs 'n kicks that can cause involuntary gagging.
This bar accounts largely for the positive overall rating above.

Reviewed April 20, 2015


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