Semi-Amargo 70%; Semi-Amargo 60%; Obscuro; Blanco

by Cacep
Info Details
Country Mexico   
Type Semi-Dark   (+ Milk Chocolate; + White Chocolate)
Strain Ceylan   
Source Mexico   (Tabasco)
Flavor Spices & Herbs   
Style Rustic      
Right up there with Jesus on the dashboard & prayers to St. Christopher on take-off, in certain quarters of Central America San Isidro Labrador is the go-to patron saint for farmers, many of whom toil under, around, & on Theobroma cacao trees, picking pods in generally rugged if not miserable conditions so consumers can get happyish over chocolate.

Angels supposedly plowed the land for &/or with him to the tune of double, even triple harvests. Plus, the legend goes, if the sweaty work day turned into a desert of thirst, San Isidro turned up some wellsprings to quench it. Little wonder then that farmers revere him & some refer to him as the man of krunk.

Note the depiction of him wielding a scythe (click image at right), the embodiment of swords into plough shares. The metaphor operating throughout: Earthly abundance follows those who are right with their spiritual self.

This set of bars from the now-impoverished cacáo groves of Mexico exceed their humble reputation, as though guardian angels while away on the shoulders of the work crew at Cacep.

PFM -- Pretty F'in Miraculous
Appearance   2.8 / 5
Color: faded
Surface: floppy feet off the sides of the mold
Temper: ill
Snap: snarls
Aroma   6.6 / 10
Semi-Amargo 70%
a dried dirt pile

Semi-Amargo 60%
a sweeter pile of dried dirt

it is what it is: vanilla -- milk -- chocolate

manifold for a White: floral (orchids of course [vanilla] + honey flowers too), nuts, cream &, alas, spackling
Mouthfeel   9.1 / 15
Texture: powder kegs (even the White)
Melt: durable goods
Flavor   44.9 / 50
Semi-Amargo 70%
straight-up vanilla-chocolate -> coffee grounds -> dissipates slowly into desert dirt & cocoa dust -> squirrels away on a nut -> fairly stringent finish

Semi-Amargo 60%
"brown" sugar (re: cocoa-flavored white cane sugar) -> vanilla -> tiny hibiscus notion -> cola -> rubber inner tube & a drop of brake fluid -> Mexican tarragon -> very light blackstrap molasses

VOG (Vanilla Oak Giant) cut down to size some by the milk & sugar -> speaking of the latter, this then a simulated Sugar Daddy® candy -> root beer float -> caramelized cola

very vanilla-driven… driving into a nut patch (somewhat unusual for White) topped with white cake frosting -> lemon-honey drop -> soft limestone -> winds up, get this, a peanut butter cup
Quality   15.7 / 20
Semi-Amargo 70%
Decent, everything considered. For instance, nice vanilla-inflections & yet none present. Tastes partially alkalized but cocoa tannins provide stamina. Hmmm...
INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, lecithin

Semi-Amargo 60%
Holds up pretty well against the sugar onslaught. Only slightly marred by tire & brake parts. Otherwise this practically shocks with its ability to appear & start as just novice craft only to blow thru low expectations with, dare say, some aplomb.
INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, lecithin

The only thing obscure is how the hell this distressed-looking bar with a nappy feel to the Texture sits bolt-up straight on flavor. These amigos from Cacep are no broma 'cept Theobroma… cacáo.
INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, milk powder, sugar, cocoa butter, lecithin, vanilla

Who knows if an engine leaking peanut oil & poor filtration of the press allowed some cocoa mass to pass thru (though the color indicates pure as a baby's bottom). And can't help but think the Texture, woeful that it is, actually enhances the profile. Either way / any way, another astounding magic act from Cacep.
INGREDIENTS: sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, lecithin, vanilla

Reviewed May 21, 2015


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