Sri Lanka

by Svenska
Info Details
Country Sweden   
Type Dark   (70%)
Strain Hybrid   
Source Sri Lanka   
Flavor Earthen   (x light Twang)
Style Industrial      (neo-)
Several of the daft reviews which appear on the C-spot® owe in part to preventing self-boredom (as well as to prevent boring the readership). Seriously now, after reviewing hundreds of Ecuadors & Madagascars, how many more need coverage?

Chocolate featuring Sri Lankan cacáo suffers no such jaded fatigue. Bars from this island-origin number few & far between in the premium space, a paltry sum that can be counted with 2 fingers: Bonnat's seminal Ceylan from back in the Naughts & the stupendous release of another by Bessone (albeit a Milk Chocolate which, nonetheless, shown forth with clear, definable Old Ceylon Red Criollo) in 2009. Six years on & no one ventured there since, even though Sri Lanka boasts historical pedigreed cacáo stands in isolated pockets.

Leave it to a startup in Sweden -- Svenska -- to break the negative repetitive cycle that all too often describes chocolate makers who stick to the tried 'n tired on the well beaten path.

This bar's anything but.
Appearance   3.9 / 5
Color: dark anthocyanin (purple)
Surface: trouble in transit (split into pieces)
Temper: shellac
Snap: pre-Snapped (see Surface above)
Aroma   8.3 / 10
initial gust: wild Earth
tar 'n rubber
roasted tag
ham bone grilling in a pigspit basted in molasses
oxidizes & aerates out of this near-morass nicely to, incredibly, lettuce & melon!
in other words, practically a complete meal… just add carbs
tea, ultimately, on the side
Mouthfeel   13.1 / 15
Texture: tight but smooth
Melt: enduring
Flavor   37.8 / 50
quick sugar hit darkens into molasses backed by licorice -> ham tones & the bar gets meaty in a fairly good way -> tar / light petrol mix together -> very recessed citrus / terpenes slowly… gradually... come fore as though vaporized as a byproduct of gas for a kind of hazy citronella -> muddy cocoa -> stringent curry leaf
Quality   14 / 20
Fredrik Alverén of Svenska kindly sent this directly, all the way from Sweden which largely explains the condition / Appearance.

Sweetened with beet sugar which often warms & occasionally colors a chocolate profile, then kneaded 48 hours in the conche.

A bar that harmonizes well enough with itself (such as it is, a sort of 'citric-petrol') even as it lacks melody (only a contour of rounded jags). A bit of an oddball in league with its Oceanic sister, Vanuatu (particularly the early Vanuatus). Attribute some of that to lackluster, partially substandard, post-harvest treatment & the rest to generic cacáo below its "Criollo / Trinitario" listing.

More select seeds coupled with superior ferment will brighten everyone along the the value chain.

INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar

Reviewed June 25, 2015


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