Big Island Hawai'i Dark
San Martin
Fahrenheit 513

by Maverick
Info Details
Country USA   
Type Dark   (+ Flavored)
Strain Hybrid   
Source Hawai'i USA   (+ Peru; + Belize)
Flavor Crossover   
Style New School      
Factoid: chocolate barsmiths -- by their very nature & the nature of the task at hand -- geek over the machinery & mechanics of chocolate making. The industry tends to attract engineers, a testosterone-heavy industry itself, which perhaps explains why craft practitioners are mostly male. (That's changing as women, trans, + non-binaries join the ranks.)

Take Maverick Chocolate's Paul Picton. A mechanical engineer by training, he spent his prior career in aviation. Since rotating drums & other gear used in making chocolate resemble jet engines, his skills prove handy in both creating & modifying chocolate-making equipment.

Beyond that they prove even crucial.

a) A Southwest plane recently blew a jet engine, in the process a window cracked wide open, sucked a passenger —RIP— out the aircraft before the pilots, & a traumatized cabin, landed safely. Maybe airlines need to (re-)read Atul Gawande's Checklist Manifesto &/or (re-)hire certain chocolate makers to go over their pre-flight manifest.

b) Years ago, a cocoa factory worker fell into a vat of chocolate & was churned to death.
Picton's meticulous aptitude should prevent such unhappy mishaps.

He & his wife, Marlene, started making chocolate at home, invested time mastering their skills before leaving his aviation job.

Along the way, the Pictons realized their newly developed wares have an impact in the world – via the direct trade model. Shocked by labor problems in West Africa, for instance, they resolved to make a difference, even if on a small scale. So they source cocoa, pay up for it, then bring the fruits of everyone's labor back to Maverick's shop in downtown Cincinnati, OH. Sold-out stock means hiring additional staff to keep up with demand. The business now includes shipping (or flying!) their chocolate across the country. Already the company snagged some ribbons & medals for good taste.

Happy landing indeed, & flavor that lingers long after... in this chocolate version of 'happy endings'.

Nothing like wholesome satisfaction.
Appearance   4.7 / 5
Color: San Martin 80%: and Morropón: red clay cast into mud brown
Belize: fetching chestnut mocha brown
Big Island Hawai'i Dark: orange-umber
Fahrenheit 513: walnut
Surface: flawlessly raised geometric design
Temper: super gloss
Snap: sharp 'n clean at high velocity thunderclaps
Aroma   8.7 / 10
San Martin
80% cacáo-content; San Martin, Peru

balls in malted chocolate-chocolate cocoa
chili pepper top note

63% cacáo-content; Morropón Province, Peru

rich mix of spice, flowers, roast, wood, mushroom, tobac

70% cacáo-content; Maya Mountain, Belize

simple as A-B-C... huh
acacia (wood) / boletus (aka porcini mushroom / cocoa

Big Island Hawai'i Dark
70% cacáo-content; Mauna Kea Cacao, Hawai'i

sweet mocha brown fruit
backed by light airy woods in allspice

Fahrenheit 513
70% cacáo-content; San Martin, Peru

star anise
smoked wood
chili pepper
Mouthfeel   12.6 / 15
Texture: smooth dream creams (some thicker / heavy coats than others)
Melt: San Martin 80%: even-flow
Morropón: slow & steady
Belize: thin / fast breakaway
Big Island Hawai'i Dark: sooo leisurely
Fahrenheit 513: slow spin
Flavor   45.8 / 50
San Martin

bitter hit on cherry wood -> tannic cocoa underside / banana top -> stringent plantain -> pan-roasted mace in herbal espresso -> prior bitter finger stretches thru the finish to pecan shell


drupes in apricot -> wacky tobaccy -> peaches 'n cream -> mango contra tobacco bottom -> raspberry -> almond bottom -> starfruit cool with minimal stringency


those aromatic mushroom -> umami hit -> citrus acid -> orange to burnt orange -> more mushroom caps -> cocoa-woods -> mild acid-roast (coffee berry) in the aft-taste

Big Island Hawai'i Dark
direct transfer from Aroma (above) dabbed in licorice, cream + fruit underlay -> finishing mocha (a house theme?)

Fahrenheit 513

sweet star anise -> mild chili burn -> cinnamon -> ginger -> lemony whisper / nut backding -> pepper jelly lollipop
Quality   17.1 / 20
San Martin
Bitter for a good cause: an 80% in service of taste that rates better than it sounds.

Helluva complex. A drupe fest adorned by adoring complements.

Rare Earthen expression of Maya Mountain cacáo. Falls short of 'wow' due to finish & mouthfeel. (May fare better at 67%?)

Big Island Hawai'i Dark
Serious contender for All-World status.

Fahrenheit 513
Nicely balanced. Almost tastes of a Dark-Milk but no dairy here.

INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter (for Fahrenheit 513 add chili + spices)

Reviewed May 29, 2018 by Dr. Rev. R.M. Peluso (author, Deep Tasting: Chocolate & Whiskey) & Chocolate Sommelier Ms. Roxanne Browning (Owner,™)


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