Info Details
Country USA   
Type Dark   (70%; Lot # 070507)
Strain Hybrid   (disputable Nacional)
Source Ecuador   (San José del Tambo)
Flavor Crossover   (Twang x Earthen)
Style Retro-American      
Tequila bean-empanada with canker-inducing after-burn... an acquired taste for mature audiences only (RE: senior appeal) that actually tastes better than it sounds. Promising start from a conscientious micro-processor.
Appearance   5 / 5
A&B-the-CofD - all materials ecological & biodegradable, info / content-rich including Interpol bios on farmers who grow the beans, photos of their locale laid-out in forged passport design package, spells underworld adventure (given that Shawn Askinosie is an ex-criminal defense attorney, presumably he’s looked at plenty DEA files); 1st class all the way & no, not British Airways Uppercrass – but Lonely Planet roughin it style
Color: purple maroon
Surface: Marcolini-style mold, here in 16 kindergarten square blocks spelling out 'AskinosieChocolate'; immaculate toy-logo front / air pockets & bubbles out back
Temper: show & tell
Snap: low-butter lull exposes ragged edge
Aroma   1 / 10
plays the olfactory organ breathlessly but at a price; grinds traffic to a halt on Rodeo Dr taking time to smell the flowers: huge purple petals go deeper than the usual jasmine radial... more cinnamon-like scent of cassia blossoms &, foreboding, toward rosehips, violets, even lavender (signaling firm roast), crystalized with sweet birch, undercut by coffee & roasted peanut; vegetal on the rubdown
Mouthfeel   11.8 / 15
Texture: thin bodied
Melt: quick release liquefies in keeping w/ 'spirit' of the flavor
Flavor   32.1 / 50
promising cherrywood/cassia -> followed quickly by rare sensation in chocoladom: big grinding bean, breaking down & decomposing into mineral & stone (iodine & cement – signs of roasting on the edge); & no, not cacáo bean but re-fried beans with morel mushroom fried on sidewalk pavement for that stoneground flavor with palmarosa planted on the tree-lawn -> backcross to beginning, now altered to dried sour cherry, threads entire length, but 1st, beans continue to intrude, this time, appropriately, a black-eyed pea because going past the roast, almost charred, begets a sweltering welter -> meets that sour component for another new sensation – burnt citrus!! -> fruit-contra-wood (satsuma then rosella, basically grapefruit/lime) – things get wilder still – turns alcohol / rough tequila -> feral bitter end
Quality   13.2 / 20
Undershoots fermentation & puts the roast on to compensate. Among the more unique Nacional interpretations robbing grace for potency, emphasizing a granite stone ground re-fried bean (ala Bonnat’s Nacional) & alcohol (RE: de Vries' neo-American approach from a different origin). CBS ~ 2:2:1


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