Info Details
Country USA   
Type White Chocolate   (34% w/ Nibs; Lot #062608)
Strain Hybrid   (semi-Nacional)
Source Ecuador   (San Jose del Tambo)
Flavor Earthen   (the Good Earth)
Style New School      
What has all the hallmark omens to be a dream-killer nightmare (producing astral visions of Baphomet the incubus & red-eyed goat’s head soup in the REM stage, including a cleft-tongue of nibs on one side & cacáo butter on the other while rehydrated goat’s milk oozes mucus all over Anton La Vey’s Church of Satan) turns out an ultra-hybrid, powered by a battery pack of savored flavors.

The most extreme polarity in the entire chocolate galaxy (Nibs mixed in White Choc). Accelerates zero to a hundred... in one single bar... occurs in a blur, & before even noticing it, you're in a sort of ultimate Dark-Milk reality.
Appearance   3.4 / 5
Color: same jaundice-looking taupe of Askinosie’s plain White
Surface: pocked w/ nibs the size of demon ants
Temper: morose
Snap: cleverly sharp; surly cleave
Aroma   7.9 / 10
roasted nibs a temptation as inviting as buttered toasted bread crumbs to a lubed goat’s ass; aerates/miraculates jasmine papeda
Mouthfeel   11.8 / 15
Texture: crush pad of exocarp roach shells
Melt: fractious disintegration
Flavor   46.6 / 50
drops the Malleus Benificarum (“hammer of the good witches”) on chocolate nibs, the anvil that sparks a phantasmatic papeda blossom as if some kind of philosopher’s stone... rapidly transmutes to malt -> maple lucuma -> cacáo butter fully melts thru to hi-brown caramel -> amber milk toffee -> glucose -> buttered popcorn (smacks of Plantations Milk Choc) -> White Chocolate eurhythmics
Quality   2 / 20
A premium first (White Choc with Nibs); basically history thrust in the mouth. Nibs the night-riders doing much more than neutralizing the goat milk that Askinosie’s White bar fornicates into bestiality. They transmute that hell-broth in the best tradition of the alchemists & all is forgiven. In fact, this bar can tolerate even more chocolate nib count to temper & add depth to those candied FXs showing in the latter stages at the mid-palate.

An inventive risk-filled chocolate of bold, up-front, full-throttle stylee that restores faith in American innovation, imagination, immanence, & individualism which appears (only on the face of it) as homeland eccentricity. God bless Sean Askinosie.

"... every custom begins as a broken precedent" says William Durant. Expect others to copy this success.


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