Info Details
Country USA   
Type White Chocolate   (34%; Lot #062608)
Strain Hybrid   (disputable Nacional)
Source Ecuador   (San Jose del Tambo)
Flavor Earthen   
Style Retro-American      
Many tennis champions play with gut strings in their racquet made from the entails of cats (sorry PETA). They like it for its ‘feel’ & ‘touch’, especially at the net, before volleying became a thing of the past. Just ask McEnroe or Sampras. Maybe this bar could serve as the suitable alternative. Tastes of gut rope from goat intestines.
Appearance   3.5 / 5
Color: ain’t your mama’s bleached White but taupe; among the darkest Whites ever; despite no vanilla, even a shade deeper than
Surface: San Jose del Tambo
Temper: hot wax
Snap: muted bass; true cleave
Aroma   4.2 / 10
construction site bldg materials for a barn... sheet rock, dry wall, bucket of gout & a lot of goat’s butt
Mouthfeel   6.1 / 15
Texture: powder
Melt: slow putty
Flavor   16.6 / 50
goat milk protein powder tramples all over buttered sugar for some dirty dishwater blonde caramel... malingers into terminal melancholy
Quality   8.9 / 20
Askinosie does things differently. He practices ethical economics in which everyone has a stake in the outcome, from the farmer right down to the consumer, & apparently his ethos extends in a gaia-like manner to goats - the star of this freak-show which becomes its outcome. But how is it that the purest & cleanest White in existence (ingredients just sugar, cacáo butter, & goat’s milk powder) also tastes the dirtiest & most foul? For the same reason goats are associated with the devil. Nasty stuff, & not in the sick ‘n nasty wicked way – just old style nasty, & everybody suffers its fate.

Faint reminiscence of Choco-Lina’s White Bourbon Vanille which employs milder sheep’s milk. That however has only a little ‘ba’ braying before the ‘ahhhh’ on the way to chewing into some well-crafted White Chocolate.

This White goat provides too little space for cacáo butter flavor to flower; just steps all over it. So wrenching it even covers up much of the inherent hi-sweet factor. Would be better served increasing butter content & using spray-dried goat’s cream to at least impart some of its caprine tang character rather than just scraping the dry bottom of its udder.

As is, best for bodybuilders allergic to whey-powder made from cow’s milk who’d mistake this for a Hershey’s bar sporting controlled lipolysis.


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