Info Details
Country Germany   
Type Flavored   (Chili; Choc-covered Beans)
Strain Nacional   
Source Ecuador   (Los Rios, Hacienda Iara)
Flavor Spices & Herbs   
Style Old School      
Feel like an Olmec (the 1st cultivators of cacáo circa 1,100 BC or before)... sweaty, hot, & dyspeptic, the perfect digestive learning aid for all gringo-scholars in Mesoamerican studies trying to trace the etymology of ‘chocolate’, searching for loan words from the Mije-Sokean language tree all the way back to ‘kakawa’ in Olmec country... by entering this Burn-Unit, after which you'll want to put your face on an air-conditioner.
Appearance   4.4 / 5
has that ‘you’re-in-trouble’ look
Color: cinnamon brown
Surface: stones
Temper: dusted
Snap: n/a
Aroma   9.2 / 10
major aerosol action: cocoa powder fills the atmosphere so the air itself becomes esculent -> big dried banana the back set
Mouthfeel   15 / 15
Texture: blinded by the fire
Melt: annihilation meltdown
Flavor   13.8 / 50
brief initial chocolate hit quickly takes a death-spiral off the cliff w/o the bungee chord secured (basically a re-enactment of the Caribs ‘fleeing’ Europeans on the ‘spice-island’ Grenada) -> dives into pepper bloom & burn... heats up all 4 cardinal points of the mouth, & the center too, for a hot quincunx -> throat-searing 1st-class / 1st-degree burns... blistering after-stings (even extreme bitterness would be welcome at this point)
Quality   7.6 / 20
Exothermic choke-down. Coppeneur never shies away from a challenge & this flammenwerfer shooting out radioactive embers makes even jaded heat-freaks wince & give an inch, while reaching for coconut butter & honey to cool the senses after tears fail to douse them. If it’s Tougher in Alaska on the History Channel, then it’s downright brutal wherever it is in hell that Dante has a special place reserved for these in his Inferno.

ING: cacáo beans, cane sugar, cacáo butter, cocoa powder, chili


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