Box Chocolate Review


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Country Italy   
Style Classic      
From the Dr. Jekyll & Ms. Hide of cacáo, the brother / sister team of the Tessieris. The experience largely depends on the line. I Tartufi (Assorted Truffles) stands-in for stout-hearted while Praline Da Meditazione are meditation pieces for the mental-box set which, at once deeply serious & out of this universe, outperforms even Amedei’s overwrought descriptions in gastronomic linguistics, placing it among a select class - uniformly deft... nearly brushing the celestial vaults.
Presentation   3.4 / 5
standard look
Aromas   2.7 / 5
aromatically challenged: shrink-wrapped &/or flash frozen
Textures/Melt   8.1 / 10
Shells: relatively thin
Centers: yielding yet full-bodied
Flavor   44.9 / 50
Quality   25.5 / 30
Generally strong synergy & balance, if occasionally uneven.
Couverture: in-house
Praline Da Meditazione
Cacao – the Chuao of truffles; big plum robe followed by the inner strength of mousse chuao; kaleidescopic dynamite
Giardino (Garden) – precursor to virginal estate wonders; parallel universes of feminine herb & macho cocoa; ultimately cunning
Equilibrio (Balance) – milk w/ ginseng, hmmmmm… a new vocabulary but no definition to the entry other than it works well
Scintille (Sparks) – flash sweep for licorice; stays subtle until doping of the synapses occur
Radici (Roots) – a descent into rhubarb after-effects
Chicchi (Bean) – ground round coffee champ - in Milk no less

I Tartufi
White heat liqueur fumes vanilla-lemon which aflames in a halo
Champagne - soft caramel streamed w/ trad Milk Choc rolled in powdered sugar; excellent, warm, & restrained
Dark Dust - w/ pecan ganache; nice, never naughty; subdued finish
Milk Chocolate Liqueur – spiked; vaporizes a little hot
Milk Chocolate Gianduja – noticeably shy but calculating
Dark Liqueur – bracing, overpowering surge, pulls off & smooths out at the finish; respectable

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