Many thanks to Marisol Slater & all her colleagues at the Chocolate House DC for hosting the DC Chocolate Fest last month, & to everyone who participated in our wild presentation.

Speaking of which, besides traveling to DC, we’ve been developing what could very well be the most ambitious & exciting project in all of chocodom — perhaps the biggest & greatest (among other superlatives) chocolate show on Earth! Confirmation bias or just the facts? Details coming soon.

Building on our experience with chocolate & spirits, we’re joining some eclectic forces for a salon this Tuesday. No gobsmack pigout or fuzzy-academic choc talk, this the once (& future?) chocolate setting. Who knows, maybe a roadshow in the making. Come thru if you’re in the area.


Dark-Chocolate Cacáo Dreams Salon features a vertical taste-flight: Chocolate 3-Ways

  1. Straight wild-harvested dark chocolate (no chaser); including an A/V presentation by Mark Christian of the C-spot™ on the new era craft chocolate scene making the move in what he dubs “a retro-revolution” (going back to its roots as a pure flavor powerhouse as well as taken in its truer settings… the stuff of pre-Columbian warriors, state ceremonies, aristocratic Euro parties, modern day body temple raves, choc-cannabis medibles,, plus info on the chocolate itself & his latest project;
  2. Same dark chocolate listed above in ‘A’ paired with boutique bourbon — Smooth Amber out of West Virginia;
  3. CBO Bobbie Lloyd of Magnolia Bakery fame confects a piece de resistance / coup de grace dessert with the same dark chocolate.

In between each stage of our chocolate dreams — entertainment to cleanse more than just the palate… such as an original chocolate-inspired piece from critically-acclaimed poet Steve Dalachinsky; new music from “Afro-Americana” Queen Esther & singer-songwriter Dusty Wright; a special limited edition “chocolate book” by artist Heide Hatry (literally / figuratively, a book to read & eat); & the world premiere of a new short classical work by composer Steve Holtje.

Roundup of Notable Chocolate Bar Reviews

Sirene… the Tesla & tessellations of chocolate

Faux-French Défoncé chocolate-cannabis, $43 martinis, Mary Poppins & Om Shanti: all in time for the chocolate dreams salon (above)

Puerto Rico the new Venezuela for chocolate? Criollos — plural — abound all over it.

PULSE by Bar au Chocolat… an infused brew unlike any other

OB’s Cusco Chuncho 100%: voluminous as Nicki & Kim’s bottom cheeks

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