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Country USA   
Type Nibs   
Source (Africa)
Flavor Earthen   
Style Old School      
Most people eat chocolate for kicks, whether it’s peanuts in Snickers™ or even nibs, & not to get their nuts & ass kicked – which this does & then some. NGL, better than Ex-Lax™, it's Choc-Lax. So to correct any false impressions of shrewish, displaced aggression stemming from parental abuse, here’s a revision of some ‘blogilicious’ by Diane Lockward featured on Garrison Keillor’s Writer’s Almanac:

Jet-brown & silvery bloom,
undersized runt of a fruit,
like something failed to thrive, dented all about,
& lopsided too. An intemperate zone.
Tiny paradox, tart or bitter & sweet, frumpy
even humble, afloat in sugar ‘n cream,
baked in a cake, a cookie, a muffin.
But the power of brown. #1 antioxidant,
bantam-weight champ in the fight against
infections, best lead actor
in the food & drug wars. No peeling, coring, or cutting;
the nibs laid out on a counter, strands of brown nuggas

Pop 1x, like M&M's, melts deep in your mouth
Never in your hands, on a glutton-stuffed tongue,
lips & chin dyed brown, as if feasting on... well, chocolate.
The planet fruit of Earth,
& favorite of mothers everywhere.
Sundays she dropped them into pancake batter,
poured circles onto the hot greased griddle, sizzled
them golden brown, drizzled naturally with maple syrup.
This is what I want to remember: Mom
and me, she in quilted robe to my wrinkled jammies,
that kitchen, that table,
plates stacked high with johnnycakes, chocolate chips glistening
gemstone studs in a gold mine,
the universe in reverse,
just the 2 of us...
sharing chocolate pancakes
Appearance   4.8 / 5
Color: striking rusted brown
Surface: fuzzy nuggets
Temper: n/a
Snap: n/a
Aroma   9.3 / 10
generously aeromatic & gifted for Nibs: acrid jackfruit, cherry banana, & nuts in a cocoa brownie w/ peach fontanel -> heads south a little in fumigating polymers to smoked cigar leaf
Mouthfeel   12.4 / 15
Texture: sound crunch w/ only minor resistence
Melt: n/a
Flavor   37.7 / 50
zero aromatic transference: paradox tart, steely stone entrance (& this is the soft spot) -> bitter chokeberry breaks up into bitter beech nut -> brazil nut, then flash bittersweet almond -> acids working thru bitters to calm the progression -> soiled-substrate to grinding dirt where nibs hit bottom & stay there... crash cocoa leads to an aftermath of faint precursors (banana-peach) alluding Ratafia
Quality   16.1 / 20
Now it’s clear why S-B carries chocolate-covered Nibs in its catalog. None of the euphorics found in the Aroma nor even the minor uplifts of Nibs by other companies (Tcho or Patric). Just ground-level flat... & below. Manufactured to be consumed simply for its anti-oxidant value.

That aside, good control in seed selection & processing (decent winnowing / juducious roast) prevents on all out insurrection in the mouth while leaving unadorned flavor intact.

ING: cacáo nibs

Reviewed Summer 2010


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