Merideña w/ Nibs

by Idilio
Info Details
Country Switzerland   (via Felchin)
Type Dark   (72% w/ Nibs; Lot #L81542 15 26)
Strain Sur del Lago   
Source Venezuela   (Zulia)
Flavor Crossover   
Style Classic      
The charm of Millennials lies in their counterintuition. “War is the Answer”; “Hate Everyone”; or “Choclot Sux”.
Appearance   2.9 / 5
Idilio's usual drab slab
Color: saddle brown
Surface: clear frontside complexion; constellation of grease splatter on back
Temper: hazy gloss
Snap: corrosive (Nibs do that); craggy break line
Aroma   9.5 / 10
heavily dark & sultry; more herbaceously dramatic than even its sib w/o Nibs: thyme, spikenard, olive oil & sweetgrass (Heirochloe odorata) -> mastic resin & myrrh gum / oak & balsam woods under a strip of leather hide -> German chamomile -> tobaccocoa laced w/ caramel -> squashed strawberry somehow peeks thru petrol-singed brownies
Mouthfeel   13.8 / 15
Texture: complexly layered contrast: soft rock candy
Melt: nibbles along nicely... gradually
Flavor   46.3 / 50
picks right up on that strawberry in the Aromatics -> coffee instantiates black cherry by the truckload -> juices down to plums -> roasted almonds -> thin gingerbread wafer -> drops the hammer on lightly blackened brownies
Quality   18.6 / 20
Hybrid bars (such as fully-refined chocolate studded with Nibs) often collapse under a mish-mash of both Texture & Taste. This does just the opposite... coherent in a masterful symmetry.

Nibs force Felchlin to back off the conche in their handling which then allows them to switch on the cacáo compounds. Animated to a degree rarely seen from Idilio, they create an easement of core chocolate flavor - straddling the cocoa / coffee divide - but enliven just about everything else – deepening fruit characters, enhancing nuts, & furnishing greater overall definition for this variety known as Clasificado+.

Felchlin goes close to full throttle on the griddle, yet these SdL beans tolerate the roast quite well, keeping bitterness & astringency in check. The resulting toasted almonds & those charred F/Xs provide beautiful offsets in depth at the end of a progression already colored by Nibs.

A big, impressive chocolate.

ING: cocoa mass, sugar, nibs

Reviewed Summer 2010


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