Alaea Sea Salt

by Nanea
Info Details
Country USA   
Type Flavored   (Sea Salt / Clay in 85% cacáo)
Strain Blend   
Source Hawai'i USA   (Kaua'i & Hamakua)
Flavor Earthen   (salty / savory / umami)
Style Old School      
Chocolate, condomized

Recto / Verso: Salt Stars & Blooming Solar Flares Against a Dark Milk Way
Appearance   3 / 5
Color: polychromatic -- brown, yellow, & pink crystals
Surface: see photo (above)
Temper: intemperate
Snap: rock salt
Aroma   7.3 / 10
salt mineralizes clay & petrified wood -> skunk-funk (aged cheddar + dookey) at the back -> goes green & choc fudge
Mouthfeel   12.5 / 15
Texture: flaking crystals
Melt: obese trojan horse
Flavor   30.2 / 50
sea salts away without hesitation -> choc struggles to gain a camel toehold to hit the C-spot™ -> retreats instead into rubber / wax -> meat tenderizer seasons a meek baseline choc slap -> & the salt flows on...
Quality   10.6 / 20
Alae sea salt... held sacred by Hawaiians as a healing medicine during purification rites for the physical body & personal belongings.

An ocean liner of trace minerals, & mellow in taste with a buttery note in contrast to Black Salt (see Domori's Sal & Trader Joe's Caramel), Alaea gets it pinkish color from adding red volcanic clay (high in iron oxide) to unrefined sea salt.

The Texture in this combine swells up a fat bubble of relatively vacant chocolate flavor (in there somewhere locked away behind a latex shield & buried beneath the condiment pack) & prevalent salt kicks for an experience that totals to whale blubber cut from an underground permafrost storage tank along the shore line. Body heat then becomes the agent to thaw it all out.

Supposedly Nanea's biggest seller which wishes to retail this for $20 per. If so, then Rogue should be able to charge $100 a bar. No questions asked.

Reviewed March 1, 2013


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