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Country France   
Type Flavored   
Source (Hell)
Flavor Sugar   (x Earthen)
Style Classic      
They’re still talking about you, John. Ha, what every politician campaigns for: attention. And you got it in spades of fame from the grave. Conspiracy theorists babble on as if that can somehow solve the irretrievable mystery of it all. As if it was just Yesterday… right before that quartet filled the vacuum you left & sang a wistful ballad.

Unlike other great tragedies in the USA that possess some redeeming value – from Abraham Lincoln, aka 'American Jesus', in the wake of a Civil War that prefigured his own sacrifice (a post-script casualty of the conflict) for the good of this nation so that it could live up to the creed, however ideally naive, that all people are created equal… thru WWII & the tons of damage & tens of millions dead supposedly for the good of all nations – this one sowed no such seeds & brought forth upon this continent no good whatsoever.

Just assassination.


So here’s a bar, aptly named ("Black Infernal"), from your wife’s ancestral homeland. show more »
Appearance   4.9 / 5
Color: nutskin brown
Surface: deep dish chocolate mold
Temper: blinding… bring sunscreen
Snap: looks unbreakable; super thick high-rise pour… better bring a machete
Aroma   8.6 / 10
pain au filbert
buttered hazelnut croissant underscored in vinyl & clay
Mouthfeel   12.8 / 15
Texture: simultaneously smooth & fractious
Melt: civil disobedience
Flavor   39.3 / 50
punked… no need to brandish any machete
a ganache in disguise of a bar
light Milky Chocolate center (sans dairy) studded with nutmeats enrobed in a Dark Chocolate cover, twee sweet, actually very sweet (almost glucose sweet), tempered in rich oils from almonds, hazelnuts & cocoa butter, as well as cocoa tannins
Quality   15 / 20
Years ago the C-spot® posted the first review of Pralus’ Infernale Lait (the Milk Choc version)… Confected XTC so ecstatic that few dare ever try it again for fear of a letdown. How can that be topped after all?

But just as one first kiss – no matter how bliss -- leads to another & another & then to ‘this ‘n that’… well, here’s a bar far sweeter than its namesake. So sweet the sugar overrides Pralus' hallmark bold roast.

A chocolate to melt the harder bitter edge of reality. Nothing more; nothing less.

INGREDIENTS: praliné (ground roasted hazelnut & almonds) cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla, soy lecithin, whole almonds

Reviewed as from November 22, 1963


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