Black Coral

by Graycliff
Info Details
Country Bahamas   
Type Semi-Dark   (70%)
Strain Hybrid   
Source Jamaica   (St. Thomas Parish; Bachelor's Hall Estate)
Flavor Naked   
Style Mainstream      
Flying fish can leap out of water into the air where their winged-fins, lifted & propelled by a tail flapping at 70 times per second, which enables them to glide above the Caribbean's surface. Dating back to almost 250 million years, they love coral beds.

This bar rises from the depths of the ocean floor & takes flight into some cream cloud.

Black Coral... by some avid women at Graycliff -- the first barsmith from The Bahamas to make a splash in premium chocolate, utilizing Jamaican cocoa until its own islands' cacáo can be properly harvested.

Stay tuned...
Appearance   4 / 5
Color: darth raven
Surface: brushed &...
Temper: … scuffed
Snap: nothin' subsonic about it
Aroma   7.6 / 10
aptly christened
bituminous too… from dark woods exposing, paradoxically, some light island cocoa mixed with coral cinders
Mouthfeel   12.4 / 15
Texture: full bodied mid-frame; minute Nib frags
Melt: even tempo throughout
Flavor   44.7 / 50
uploads chocolate glazed in its namesake + sweet tamarind -> vanilla-cream -> breadfruit -> cocoa-lava streaming beneath white fruit (sweetsop aka sugar apple) -> banana (no "green banana" bull roe, just ripe flesh) -> a wondrous date-cake confection -> cookie sandwich
Quality   17.4 / 20
A Bachelor's hall unlike any other because… well, it ain't quite a bachelor seeing how Graycliff marries it with a touch of vanilla &, moreover, milk which amplifies Jamaica's intrinsic cream compounds. Yep, a Dark-Milk dressed as 70% Dark Chocolate.

Terrific integration nonetheless; practically seamless.

Graycliff effaces Bachelor Hall Estate's inherent fruits & spices by roasting up high, then equalizes the package with those aforementioned additives (plus a sweet cocoa butter pad) to hit its intended target of most people's expectations for chocolate, however dark: a bar of solid basal cocoa tags & an undercurrent of lava in tow, leavened by cream. True, Jamaica's characteristic qualities get cast aside in the process, & overall the Flavor strikes as pretty basic, though few should complain about the results.

Among the tops of higher percentage Dark-Milks.

INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla, milk powder

Reviewed May 30, 2014


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