by Graycliff
Info Details
Country Bahamas   
Type Milk Chocolate   (35%)
Strain Hybrid   
Source Jamaica   (St. Thomas Parish; Bachelor's Hall Estate)
Flavor Earthen   
Style Mainstream      
“Wild Chocolate” aka “Indian Chocolate” actually contains no chocolate at all. Instead it mixes up water, sugar, milk & the emetic bloodroot (which imbues the drink with its color to simulate chocolate).

From the looks of it, & early taste, this bar too appears to be chocolate-free.

Ohhh, to be fooled.
Appearance   4.7 / 5
Color: stunning tanned sand
Surface: slightly pixelated (minor blooming / separation)
Temper: hi-wattage even with the smudges
Snap: pipes in a soft whisper
Aroma   8.5 / 10
full-on cream & cream cheese (in line with the Color)
wheezes vanilla
Mouthfeel   12.8 / 15
Texture: slips & slides
Melt: goes the distance enroute to a rapid collapse at the end
Flavor   43.3 / 50
vanilla far heavier on the tongue than the nose: candy caramel -> candy corn -> rolls up vanilla lifted by salt... hugs this 'til hydrating toward bahri dates in cream -> exceptional cocoa-almond toffee stemwinder half-way down the shaft
Quality   16.6 / 20
Another beguiling bar from Graycliff's. If its Black Coral bar, advertised as a "70% Dark Chocolate" contains a drop of milk, then this MC amounts to a White Chocolate with virtually just a touch of cocoa mass.

The ingredients (see below) read practically inversely. And yet the last, & proportionately least, of the list sits at the bottom -- both literally & physically from where it punches up to deliver that sensational tail. Which attests less to this estate cacáo (Jamaica generally a delicate cultivar) & more to this barsmith's robust handling of it.

Skip the first 3 quarters (however sweet) & go in for that late savory turn into the homestretch… with a major finishing kick in the throat & the mouth.

INGREDIENTS: sugar, cocoa butter, dry whole milk, cocoa mass, vanilla, salt

Reviewed June 2, 2014


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