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Country Ecuador   
Type Semi-Dark   (70%)
Source Colombia   
Flavor Spices & Herbs   (x Fruits/Flowers)
Style retro-American      
Pacari going, alternately, tango & meteorological on the choc-heads of taste-buds, Garûa being both a dance & a dry-wind.

The latter causes a clear misty fog that can be seen thru, like a veil of tears. The former can step quite fast & open ala tango nuevo to mirror the space between the 2 main Flavor Profiles in this bar (call 'em the Lead & the Follow) along with keeping up at the pace of its melt.
Appearance   2.6 / 5
Color: light vermillion
Surface: road weary… evidently Pacari hopping from one choc-head fest to the next & this shows… pelted with welts...
Temper: … scuffs & nicks
Snap: pre-snapped in transit
Aroma   7.4 / 10
acetic acid lifts to uncover cacáo verde, the combination a sort of 'balsamic chocolate'…. unappetizing & stunted until the launch of a momentary spice shot centered around mint with stalks attached -> reclines back into some jute & dried wood bark (laurel)
Mouthfeel   12 / 15
Texture: fudge
Melt: slight grain creates momentum on the fast side
Flavor   45.2 / 50
brown sugar, very sweet, blows looong 'n STRONG & nothing but… stymied like its initial Aroma... finally, dry stringent wind heralds stone fruit -- a drupe without the flesh, just the pit & a few scraps of pulp clinging to it, renders the sense of fruit as well as blossoms (including those of gooseberry)
Quality   17.7 / 20
Another of those non-chocolate chocolates. Practially zero CQ (Chocolate Quotient or basal cocoa flavor). And of slow-to-almost-no evolution. Stuck… threatening a dud… until the very tail -- a cart without a horse; a sustain without an attack. Mysterious as a… well, garûa: a late-stage fruition blossoms forth then amasses in a confluential finale from Pacari's now customary retro-American processing. When it finally hits (& impatience will miss it having moved on, understandably, to the next entertainment) the impressions strike indelibly, & movingly in their own way.

Such sweet succulent acidity with a stringent streak interlining.

Quite consonant with Pacari's burgeoning portfolio, particularly aligned with its Nubé & Piura Quemazón profiles: chocolates constituted with special effects / affect. Shares some traits with Castronova's Sierra Nevada Colombia too.

Carpe Chocolatum: seize it before any ADHT impulse evades it.

Reviewed November 19, 2014


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