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Country Czech Republic   
Type Milk Chocolate   (74% cow's; 51% sheep; & 51% goat's cacáo-contents)
Strain CCN-51   
Source Ecuador   
Flavor Earthen   
Style New School      

Vying for the top position in a field led by Jo Zotter & Mack Domori, Jordi's stakes his claim as THE chocolate milkman… delivering all varieties… as though eavesdropping on some menagerie around a knitting circle comparing notes on breastfeeding:

The following details a Chocolate Trifecta –- three reviews in one:

Tmavá Mléčná Čokoláda -- Dark-Milk (Cow Milk)
Mléčná Čokoláda, Ovčí Mléko (Sheep Milk)
Mléčná Čokoláda, Kozi Mléko (Goat Milk)

the C-spot®still maintains its actual sampling policy of only ‘1-a-Day’ in order to obtain an accurate & thorough gauge on a chocolate; as well as to avoid inevitable palate fatigue which occurs with multiple samples in a compressed time session (no matter what "miracle palate cleanser" may be invoked). For the sake of publishing efficiency, they’re consolidated into this single review. The overall rating & metrics (upper right) reflect a composite average of each bar's individual measures.
Appearance   4 / 5
Color: Tmavá Mléčná Čokoláda: rosy tan
Mléčná Čokoláda, Ovčí Mléko: a tanned strawberry blond
Mléčná Čokoláda, Kozi Mléko: terrifically beautiful sandy-blonde
Surface: Tmavá Mléčná Čokoláda: scratchitti
Mléčná Čokoláda, Ovčí Mléko: cosmetician's work
Mléčná Čokoláda, Kozi Mléko: smudged & fudged
Temper: Tmavá Mléčná Čokoláda: sunsetting
Mléčná Čokoláda, Ovčí Mléko: super matte
Mléčná Čokoláda, Kozi Mléko: hot mess
Snap: Tmavá Mléčná Čokoláda: thunderous
Mléčná Čokoláda, Ovčí Mléko: quick
Mléčná Čokoláda, Kozi Mléko: sounds a little hurt for a 51%
Aroma   8.3 / 10
Tmavá Mléčná Čokoláda:
a very cool MC (largely on account of no vanilla added)… laid-back caramel + gauzy drifts of cream
settles into a more milk-laden countenance

Mléčná Čokoláda, Ovčí Mléko:
very subdued, carries the air of a sheep's meadow amidst a cinnamon stick

Mléčná Čokoláda, Kozi Mléko:
the warmest of the trio
a soft caramel kick from the gamey goat
Mouthfeel   11.4 / 15
Texture: Tmavá Mléčná Čokoláda: some grain, then stunted in clumps
Mléčná Čokoláda, Ovčí Mléko: powder pack
Mléčná Čokoláda, Kozi Mléko: another powder keg
Melt: Tmavá Mléčná Čokoláda: loiters & lingers
Mléčná Čokoláda, Ovčí Mléko: indestructible
Mléčná Čokoláda, Kozi Mléko: unexpected steady tempo
Flavor   37.1 / 50
Tmavá Mléčná Čokoláda:
faint cherry dropping into a very dry, tannic cocoa bed + a slightly caustic milk powder -> deteriorates into a lackluster bulk cocoa / bitter caramel despite a cinnamon / graham cracker offset

Mléčná Čokoláda, Ovčí Mléko:
very mild, easy-going start, mostly cocoa butter though salt builds to.. well, more butter but thicker -> fringe & mostly vacant Milk Choc caramel with a sweet cinnamon rather than vanilla spice point

Mléčná Čokoláda, Kozi Mléko:
honest goat's milk, without the kick-in-the-mouth hoof or the stinky tang, catalyzes a natural pitched vanilla-caramel -> grows a little more goaty in a chèvre direction -> savory umamis
Quality   14.3 / 20
Tmavá Mléčná Čokoláda:
Among the highest cacáo-content percentages at 74% for Dark-Milk. Somewhat dirty in its flavor, a combination of generic raw materials & developing craft. An instance where vanilla could help bridge the gaps both in space & time until superior ingredients can be obtained along with commensurate technique.

INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, cow's milk powder, sugar

Mléčná Čokoláda, Ovčí Mléko:
Shades of Choklat's butter-balls. Oddest Texture around of endless plasticity coupled with a stultified Flavor choked in butter. Fat just dominates. Nonetheless, the tail exhibits real promise.

INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sheep's milk powder, sugar

Mléčná Čokoláda, Kozi Mléko:
No real chocolate blast; only a influential chocolate presence that hangs in the backdrop supporting the interplay more than showcasing itself in Jordi's best Milk yet. Finely tuned & balanced with latent vanilla analogues despite lacking any added vanilla in the formulation.

INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, goat's milk powder, sugar

Reviewed December 3, 2014


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