Pangoa, Peru
Spiced Coconut Pecan
Cinnamon Daddy Mactella

by Madre
Info Details
Country USA   
Type Semi-Dark   (+ Flavored)
Strain Hybrid   
Source Peru   (Dominican Republic; Hawai'i)
Flavor Spices & Herbs   
Style Rustic      
Transplants from area code 212, Madre Chocolate easing into its 808 digs, starting to relax it as this 3-piece set attests.

Holoholo…. Hawaiian for leisurely drive.
Appearance   3.6 / 5
Color: middle pigments
Surface: Madre sticking to the xocolatl Maya-motif mold
Temper: chill
Snap: equally laid-back
Aroma   7.9 / 10
Pangoa, Peru
Snickers® up vanilla before bending to dry Earthen qualities

Spiced Coconut Pecan
of its constituent parts, particularly cinnamon, then pecan… chocolate acts as a force-multiplier for the spices which, in addition to the actual added cardamon & vanilla, galvanizes a festive mix ala nutmeg, ginger, clove

Cinnamon Daddy Mactella
hazelnutty… in a salt mine
Mouthfeel   13.1 / 15
Texture: clumpen, crunchy, or cream...
Melt: … choose one
Flavor   40.8 / 50
Pangoa, Peru
cocoa powder, semi-tannic / semi-alkalized -> clarified white fruit (cocoplum / pitomba) -> turns purplish berry (mora) -> evolves to pink camu-camu with a passing note of guava… balsam of Peru the backset -> lemon verbena -> reverts to cocoa with a sub-lime fringe

Spiced Coconut Pecan
cardamom & sea salt to the fore… strong & long… pecan tries to elbow-in with its crunching broken pieces but stands little chance -> caps out on butter (as much the salted dairy kind than any other)

Cinnamon Daddy Mactella
hazelnut cut by macadamia
Quality   15.3 / 20
Pangoa, Peru
70%; Junin. Satipo
From central Peru in the Amazon & very much the sister to Zotter's Peru 70-16 of the same Pangoa region.
Quite the acidic sequence, & so unexpectant judging from the opening frame. It peaks on that coded pink fruit to the momentary tipping-point of imbalance... except for well-bracketed at both ends of the progression. Vanilla helps immeasurably to bridge the span while still inhering it with a sense of terra.
INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla bean

Spiced Coconut Pecan
Madre, always enamored with additives, lays it on here, with a little more flex. Should really be labeled 'Cardamom Bar'. 55% cacáo-content merely / meekly a foil for the spice action. Superb mouthfeel the lasting takeaway -- contrastive pecan bits sinking into the ever-enveloping yet yielding couverture.
INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, coconut, cocoa butter, pecan, cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla bean, sea salt

Cinnamon Daddy Mactella
Twee cute name & too dilute taste.
No progression. As a spreadable, this just hits on a one-shot. The ever mild macs backup the filberts & further reduce their meatiness after Madre elects to utilize hazelnut oil instead of whole nuts ground into paste. The others in this ingredient pool swim in sub-surface support.
INGREDIENTS: cacáo, macadamia, sugar, hazelnut oil, cinnamon, cocoa butter, pecan, cinnamon, cardamom, sea salt, vanilla bean

Reviewed August 5, 2015


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