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Country France   
Type Dark   (70%; Lot 120815)
Strain Amazon   
Source Cameroon   
Flavor Spices & Herbs   (x Naked)
Style Classic      
The explosion at Cameroon's Lake Monoun in 1984, which killed 37 people, at first baffled investigators. It was only after a similar event at nearby Lake Nyos two years later claimed the lives of 1,700 people that they determined the cause.

Turns out, in rare circumstances, seemingly placid lakes can change into deadly suffocation devices. In a “limnic eruption,” all of the trapped carbon dioxide & other gases chilling at the bottom of a deep lake can concentrate then suddenly become unstable & erupt to the surface. All natural, it has nothing to do with coal plants, auto-emissions or cow flatulence. That rapid influx of non-oxygen gas suffocates anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby.

In the aftermath, venting pipes were inserted into the lakes to remove the gas & prevent future eruptions.

This black diamond of a bar suffocates in the kindest way with a chocolate that seems to vent from the Earth's inner core.
Appearance   3.7 / 5
Color: "camarouge" -- deep red velvet in black forest, a shade which incites Euros to monopolize the trade in Cameroon cocoa for their dessert cakes
Surface: bubbly
Temper: seething
Snap: sharp as kimberlite
Aroma   8.9 / 10
thick raisin paste
ebony & blackwood (Gliricidia sepium)
redolent sap & resin
altogether unique
Mouthfeel   12.2 / 15
Texture: round meal
Melt: methodical
Flavor   45 / 50
soft cocoa bends into sweet spices, wafers, & dried fruit (black cherry) -> accrues to a more musky hue -> twee charred-rubber at the very fringes along with more tantalizing tannins
Quality   17.1 / 20
Just the 2nd noteworthy Cameroonian to enter The Chocolate Census after Marcolini's captivating Haut Penja. This follows on the heels of that in more ways than one… as if the 2 barsmiths shared the same seed allotment practically.

But where Marcolini goes mild, Morin does wild: fires up a bigger, more robust base chocolate that rekindles West Africa's heyday of classic Earth cocoa except nuanced here with those warm mulling spices.

Add one more origin to Morin's gleaming constellation of star bars.

INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, lecithin

Reviewed October 29, 2015


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