Infused Dark

by Bogart THAT Chocolate
Info Details
Country USA   
Type Semi-Dark   
Strain Nacional   
Source Peru   
Flavor Spices & Herbs   (+ Earthen)
Style New School      
The Green 'n Brown rush is on... chocolate-cannabis rapidly becoming the world’s flavorite way to medicate. Sure beats opiod addiction. Try asking Prince (R.I.P.).

This particular bar a global hook-up -- indica Cali/cacáo Perú! Bogart, that old throwback himself, to ol' stoner mom ‘n pops garage ops: either upgrade or get a job.

Happy & healthy everyday... when just a li'l nonflammable dab on the tongue will do.
Appearance   3.4 / 5
Color: unusual for the cacáo varietal -- deep ruby
Surface: brushed & scruffed
Temper: semi-gloss
Snap: tense & terse
Aroma   7.7 / 10
sour diesel, chocolate-style... strong terpenes but with a good cocoa head
Mouthfeel   13.5 / 15
Texture: true
Melt: an extension chord
Flavor   46.3 / 50
fuzzy haze twixt cannabis & chocolate vying with each other (cocoa's acid contra herbal volatiles... the drupe fruits of cacáo vs. the inherent floral overtones in cannabis; neither blaring, just pronounced if a bit slurred at the start due to competing biochems) -> courting, then melding together by the 2nd half as cocoa's roasted nuts inflection gain the upper hand to prevail
Quality   18.1 / 20
The most nicely balanced infusion bar yet to hit the market.

So deft none of the masks or makeup found in other edibles (heavy fruit flavorings & mix-ins) necessary here. The pairing here works wonders before casting charms with its slow-onset FXs. At the 12mg per serving dosage, that slips it into the mellow slot (half-serving, mild; 2 pieces, full on & up yet proactive).

The cadence to the combined chemistry -- notably this particular cacao's intrinsic fruit-pack interacting with a relatively concentrated THC extract largely stripped of its entourage compounds -- just places this in a class of its own.

INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, cannabis extract

Reviewed December 11, 2017


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