Info Details
Country USA   
Type Semi-Dark   (67%)
Strain Hybrid   (remote Criollo)
Source Madagascar   (Sambirano)
Flavor Twang   
Style Neo-Modern      
Patric evidently has a jones for slinky skinny models / H'wood starlets nibbling fruit salads all day & sipping magic-water for that captivated negative-calorie look... ya know, the rad-sad heroin-chic type with high catatonic blood sugar count.

This sweet-tart chocolate-tease sings love songs that'll friend you & get your heart pumped before breaking it.
Appearance   4.7 / 5
Color: iridescent light brown, almost fawn
Surface: catwalker; impeccably scored w/ 'Ps' for Patric & Pride
Temper: matte w/ soft shine
Snap: lissome
Aroma   7.8 / 10
fired... brings the heat like its bigger 70% sister: again smoked pine but also green (palm & cyad) cut by quartz & slinky fruit (fresh lime-pineapple & mango which airs out redder to fermented plum sweat & berries) -> clouds of roasted coconut-cocoa all around
Mouthfeel   12 / 15
Texture: bantamweight silk & lace, yet strong enough to weaken anyone
Melt: quick glide
Flavor   41.7 / 50
gets shrill fast: red razors (raspberry-strawberries) instantly sharpen as more reds come box-cutting thru (cran & barberry) -> chocolate wood fighting for balance, hits an air-pocket & collapses into coconut cream / jackfruit, envelops fruit sugars for plum -> progressively whiter, taking back the aromatics, riding the pines (apple & wood) -> liquifies to sprite acid juice snapping back & forth in a series of hydroplaning skids into a straight chocolate tease at the end plus - as advertised (though still surprising) - hazelnut butter toffee deep in the shaft
Quality   16.5 / 20
Off-balance / too top-sided (alto fruit register) that most'll find just 'lovely'... a juicy mermaid / citric exciter spritzing off the coast of Madagascar island. The 3 degrees of separation between this & its 70% sister: an impractical amount of acidity prettified by sugar rips the structure, & botoxing it with butter fat adds zero cocoa-mass counterweight for muscle, body, & soul. Instead, convenient as a 6-pack of bottled Snapple in a bar.


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