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Country Germany   (Berlin)
Style New School      (to Mainstream)
Gemütlichkeit – warm 'n cozy with an unhurried & worry-free mood
Presentation   4.7 / 5
a broad inventory of jar chocolate, pistoles, mini-bars, & even sausage rolls
Aromas   4.4 / 5
WYSIWYG (but the 'S' stands for Smell)
Textures/Melt   7.8 / 10
Shells: not necessarily applicable...
Centers: …. but overall a bit on the challenging side
Flavor   43.6 / 50
judicious & balanced
Quality   25.3 / 30
Another German brand in line with Imping that exceeds expectations in both implementation & creativity.
Baked Beans -- the scent of pastry puff stuffed with pinto beans then topped by an apricot glaze… hmmm, to use a term on the List of Banned Words, 'interesting'; whole cocoa seeds covered in 70% chocolate which only minimally sweetens the bite as these crunch down into wood chips, leafy greens & early spring fruit blossoms

Kakao 70% Madagaskar -- generally on-point for the origin (tart berries, especially juniper, some cedar / vetiver, thin chocolate essence) except for a slightly thicker-than-necessary cocoa butter pad, & even that however just prolongs the pleasure

Ziegenmilch -- 53% cacáo-content stands only minimally in the way of this goat from kicking it over & sticking its hoofs right in the mouth chamber; perhaps suitable for the lactose-intolerable which says nothing about the goat being chocolate-soluble

Ziegenmilch Ackerminze -- the above goat milk chilled & calmed in mint, an unlikely pair that hardly rhyme but form an effective counterpoint to each other; nice concept & execution

Weiss Ziegenmilch -- a White Chocolate crafted with goat's milk; strange powdery-polymer Texture for a White; pretty well-tempered otherwise, especially for a goat's milk, in the flavor dept

Wurscht -- rivals Olive & Sincair's clever Chocuterie, replete here with cherries, ginger, pepper, almonds, & Himbeergeist (a German Schnapps) in 70% cacáo-content couverture even as it misses a key component -- significant chocolate presence

Ingwer -- straight up Dark 70% infused with ginger; both sides of the equation sharp: clear (ginger) & obscure (chocolate) balanced right on the fulcrum of parity

Reviewed May 27, 2015
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