Box Chocolate Review


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Country USA   (Portland, OR)
Style New School      
Fruits may never fall far from the tree but they can roll away from it. A progeny of top-ranked Frenchman Jacques Genin, still searching to find its ID.
Presentation   3.2 / 5
upholstered fabric packaging; molded pieces
Aromas   3.1 / 5
jumps out of the box w/ a Whitman sampler scent
Textures/Melt   6.9 / 10
Shells: firm high-butter exteriors often have difficulty meeting up w/ the centers
Centers: varied though mostly soft & yielding
Flavor   40.2 / 50
wide range both in terms of infusions & intensities
Quality   20.8 / 30
Nascent; apprenticeship
Couverture: Cacao Barry
Pomegranate - dark interior of honey + pomegranate & molasses yields a raspberry FX (why employ 3 elements when 1 would’ve done?) surrounded by opposing White Choc to forms segregated smuckers ‘n grout
Caramel Fleur-de-Sel - sea salt & caramel make for surf & turf; savory, towering wave of taste; blingo - the money piece
Island Coconut - grated coconut w/ a rum drop in White center surrounded by Dark Choc; gummed up texture relieved by a rum-raisin which together roll almost blackberry, summing up into a tropical port liqueur; outstanding
Butter Gianduja –obtrusive & imposing whole filbert; Milk Choc weak & cowardly
Allure Noir – relatively unenhanced, stands on its own w/ a nose better than its tongue (smells of a Trinidad; tastes like dirty Amazon)
Brandy – initial surge wigs out & the choc-cognac figs up; a promise in progress
Port - alcohol darkens choc into burnt butter, adding a salted dimension

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