Ocumare w/ Nibs

by Idilio
Info Details
Country Switzerland   (via Felchlin)
Type Dark   (72%; Nibs; Lot #81542 07 49)
Strain Ocumare   (Criollo group)
Source Venezuela   (Ocumare de la Costa Valley)
Flavor Earthen   
Style Old School      
Robin Williams thinks cocaine is God's way of saying you're making too much money.

Meth, then, must be a sign you’re not making enough.

That’s why there’s chocolate – to cut the two & split the difference... between Free-will vs. Free-won’t as described by Gabor Mate’s In the Realm of the Hungry Ghost. He debunks the Genetic Hypotheses that genes carry the overweening responsibility for addiction. Predisposed - yes; pre-determined – no.

Factoid: 20% of American GIs serving in Vietnam returned home as heroin junkies. A couple years later all but 1% fell out of it into remission - & the overwhelming majority of those who remained hooked were susceptible & vulnerable due to a prior dysfunction -- from abusive family life to mean streets & brutal economic conditions.

Simply put, the blame rests mostly on stress & the quest to overcome it thru drug use.

The failure of the infantile war on drugs lies in a strategy to interdict supply without squeezing demand. Following that same logic leads to ‘people don’t kill people, guns do’. So let’s ban people.

The dirty secret: we can no longer alter demand than one can defy the laws of gravity because humans are hell-bent to spike endorphins & dopamine in the brain in an environment that requires it lest they fall off the ladder to ‘get ahead’.

While sugar-laden candy is a cheap substitute & builds craving, good high-quality chocolate satisfies without negative consequence or behavior on account of its nourishing yet self-limiting properties. A soft method, as opposed to hard drugs, accessing neuro-plasticity to re-wire the mind until, or in conjunction with, art, yoga, meditation, compassion, & love re-center the CNS, such as the mother & child bonding in eye contact that releases endorphins & oxytocin, decreases stress hormones, & flood their emotional reservoirs pooling around the heart in the beautiful opiate of holding.

Idilio’ stands for idyll in Spanish. And, this, a bar that goes to the rustic romance of chocolate.
Appearance   3.7 / 5
Color: antique brown (no Ocumare red to speak of)
Surface: bit of a schlub; grease splatter & tiny subsurface welts (Nibs pieces)
Temper: smudged into uneven
Snap: excellent all things considered... no wavering, just a slight hollow to the pitch; Lego™ set of Nibs sticking out the break wall
Aroma   8.3 / 10
‘dude, you got peanuts in my jute sack’ -> leather -> green vines + pitanga / llanos (grassy savannah) -> airs a light acidic mix (tickled passion-fruit variants of sundrop & tamarillo, then naranjilla [especially its rhubarb/raspberry component]) -> along comes a wintergreen, part of an ‘Amazon grape’ (Pourouma cecropiaefolia)
Mouthfeel   13.1 / 15
Texture: micro-crunch / soft-butter hybrid
Melt: adventurous
Flavor   43.2 / 50
kick-start on the same throttle as Idilio Ocumare-72 -> grinds away faster & deeper into an almond-mushroom patch -> bitter ‘n acid alternator -> flash Tootsie Roll™ (soiled some) -> blackened cocoa -> Oreo™ dough -> corona of white rum F/Xs sipped thru-out Idilio’s entire Ocumare series... infused here w/ soncoya, orange & peaches -> almond out
Quality   16.4 / 20
As expected, Nibs pull the profile down though far from crashing it into the ground. None of the bread leavening or fruit levity that typifies the Ocumare origin. Felchlin’s customary medium-hi roast / lazy conche keeps this burbling as a hot-spring on the edge of blowing. An Ocumare with great force-field circling about the lower tannic registers.

Beyond the fun-house melt, this is a sort of hybrid between the unconched Crude & the fully-conched 72 which taken together give a quasi-vertical tasting on the origin primarily along a conching gradient. The series bears testament to this valley’s continuing legacy of prized cacáo well worth the flight.

ING: cocoa mass, sugar, cacáo butter, Nibs

Reviewed Spring 2010


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