Info Details
Country UK   
Type Milk Chocolate   (43%; Batch 110017)
Strain EET   (+ possible Nacional)
Source Ecuador   (Manabí; Calceta)
Flavor Crossover   (Earthen x Fruits/Flowers)
Style New School      
Though Switzerland basks in all the glory for inventing Milk Chocolate in the anno mirabilis of 1879 AD, Britain actually paired the twain together – albeit in a beverage – some 150 years before the Swiss seized upon it & forged them into a bar.

Duffy Sheardown at Red Star now playing his part to recapture the legacy.
Appearance   4.5 / 5
Color: nutmeg
Surface: another Duffy beauty-bar (practically fit for bathing)
Temper: glittering some from sub-par integration (to form particulates like particleboard)
Snap: spongy
Aroma   7.7 / 10
that Balsamic wine-grape -- picked up in Red Star’s Corazon del Ecuador 83% dark bar -- now hungover in some lipase-action milk (re: soured / feeling a bit rotten / on the verge of hurling) -> slumps & nods off on cardboard -> airs out vanilla (none added)
Mouthfeel   11.6 / 15
Texture: sanded grit
Melt: fast for a Milk
Flavor   44.3 / 50
another fruit-pop of a Milk Choc from Duffy: grape & bahri dates in & around coconut -> no caramel per se but long twisting molasses-toffee -> sprouts, as advertised, an orange blossom -> ground cherry (including soiled scrub) -> pineapple ‘n caramel butter after-length
Quality   16.9 / 20
Super-sweet... well beyond its roughly 40% sugar content, as this cacáo inheres with its own sweeteners (witness its 83% big brother). Like Salgado, Red Star really coming into its own as an MC barsmith. The fruit heights it attains in this format taste unrivaled.

Many of the ancillary features are sub-optimum (Aroma; Texture; Length, etc) but the core values are just the opposite. The sub-conche, for instance, leaves sandy texture but also leaves some volatiles intact, which the rest of the ingredients nicely subsume & incorporate into the body of flavor (particularly intriguing is the sunflower lecithin that imparts its own distinction compared to the soya type).

While traditionalists may miss more cocoa & classic Milk Chocolate flavor, the replacement tags (those fruits + a darkly brooding baseline to uncut them) more than compensate.

ING: cocoa mass, sugar, cacáo butter, milk pwdr (18%), sunflower lecithin

Reviewed May 2011


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