Perfect Illusion

by Lillie Belle
Info Details
Country USA   
Type Semi-Dark   (65%)
Strain Hybrid   
Source Peru   (Chulucanas Province; Alto Piura)
Flavor Naked   (& bare)
Style Rustic      

Mystic Jeff Sheperd, the shaman behind Lillie Belle, asks everyone to lose their illusion to use his in convincing them that this bar is really the alloy "El Oro Blanco de Piura” (White Gold of Piura, Peru). That way, all can forget about devalued dollars & fixed yuans, as if cacáo can somehow re-manifest its history of a pre-Columbian currency to rival the worth of bullion, in a Samskaras mind-trick (i.e., reincarnation, the Hindu concept embodying the residue of past lifetimes). He's an all-time globalist in his thinking like that.

So for those enduring hardship ever since the financial meltdown & subsist on pathetic income, who've given up looking for a job after so many frustrating rejections (oh, we're so sorry, but you're overqualified) & have no choice but to join the Occupy Wall St Brigade (try demanding free-food ala Patty Hearst-SLA & see how soon the power pulls the guns out), get used to the new kundalini kriya mantra "Broke is Beautiful!" chanted with infinite pride to an 'tenderly indifferent cosmos' -- the latter phrase from every rocker’s fav French thinker since Pascal, namely, Albert Camus. (Levy is Friedman for frogs on steroids.)

Yes, as tender as a Basil Twist puppet show in which a musical quartet appears to be dwarves or holograms of live performers so when real-life Joey Arias flumps his ass stuffed in a taffeta gown atop the cake he calls a stage, he's the one who seems a sock puppet.

Ditto this bar -- Perfect Illusion -- who can tell the difference between it, real chocolate, a mirage or a simulacrum?

Not even the master chocolateer himself. He stands lost in the simple pleasures of life. Which means he has found wisdom as he did a couple seasons ago at the NY Chocolate Salon entertaining children in the "Kiddies Corner" while "cocoa gurus" discussed everything from "how to pluck ganache out in a bonbon" to the ideal temperature setting for baking cookies & cupcakes.
Appearance   -- / 5
Color: Illusion #1: blanco = pale brown
Surface: Illusion #2: a narrated mold showing the moon at noon watching the sun having fun
Temper: Illusion #3: sidereal twinkles
Snap: Illusion #4: the sound heard around the world inside the chamber of a bullet-silencer as 1-hand clapping against a cacáo tree falling in the forest... & everyone's "there" to share in the experience
Aroma   -- / 10
Illusion #5 -- "breakfast in bed": Cocoa Puffs™, Rice Crispies™ & a drop of Amazon Grape nut (Pourouma cecropiaefolia)
Mouthfeel   -- / 15
Texture: Illusion #6: immaterial
Melt: Illusion #7: a slo-poke off the stick
Flavor   -- / 50
Illusion #8: Milk Dud™ the prolusion to Illusion #9: camu camu (the ghost of Rogue's Piura disguised in a sheet for a raspberry strip tease)
Illusion #10: White Chocolate
Illusion #11: white willow
Illusion #12: white paper lined by fountain-pens filled with nonexistent blueberries for ink
Illusion #13: brown rice + white cassava = Milk Chocolate
Quality   -- / 20
Illusion #14: at 65%, a bar incomparable to even other Piuras (notably Zotter's 80 or Bonnat's 75)

Illusion #15: the perfect illusion

Hard Reality: the gun-shot Snap, the powdered-perfumed nose, the flavor tongue... all of it mostly draws a blank which will hopefully be filled in with aging & oxidation.

ING: cocoa mass, sugar

Reviewed October 12, 2011


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