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Country France   
Type Semi-Dark   (70%; Batch Date 12/30/12)
Strain Nacional   
Source Peru   (Piura)
Flavor Twang   
Style Classic      
Little by little one walks far -- Peruvian Proverb

In a place that sports diverse cacáos & a multitude of microclimates, sometimes walking just a little bit seems far & away a whole other country... of flavor.
Appearance   4.8 / 5
Color: beautiful blushing cream
Surface: bulging out of its mold
Temper: hi wattage
Snap: pow! sonic boom
Aroma   8.5 / 10
smoking tobacco & sticky fruit (figs that color up to apricots)
rare rye & caraway along the break wall
aerates grilled fruit!
Mouthfeel   12.2 / 15
Texture: some coagulant...
Melt: ... slows it down
Flavor   43.7 / 50
super light-breaking shockwaves of bleeding berry (genipap & red currant)... sopping wet -> guava & plum -> solid though momentary choc under-siding -> flitters on that rye from the Aroma -> more fruit acidity surges in (the purple-red skin & yellow pulp of camu-camu for a combined pink effect) & the foundation beneath buckles -> somehow reflates its cocoa base -> exits brief hazelnut & flickering lemon-verbena
Quality   15.9 / 20
Incredibly top-heavy. Matches &, depending on the bar, exceeds Madagascans. Perilously close to stumbling into an acid puddle. Check that: just enough cocoa mass backbone along with a cocoa butter-brace prevent an all-out acid shower from pooling into an acid bath.

Morin goes against house-style with a mild-mannered roast to undercut the bottom base notes & accentuate the upper register.

Presents a sharp counterpoint to Morin's Puira CS flatliner from nearby. Indeed, a blend of the 2 might make for a happy median.

A demonstration that even within the same confined area -- in the small northwest corner of Peru less than 10 miles apart -- the flavors of cacáo can vastly differ despite exhibiting nearly identical phenotype / appearance.

As they say, 'same phenotype / different genotype'.

INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, lecithin

Reviewed April 3, 2013


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