Info Details
Country Australia   
Type Semi-Dark   (78%; Batch 15041600)
Strain Amazon   
Source Solomon Islands   (Guadalcanal)
Flavor Naked   (mostly; x Fruits / Flowers)
Style Mainstream      
REDUX REVIEW: The following review details 2 bars from Guadalcanal, The Solomon Islands: a Prototype released in 2013 & the 78% in 2015. Overall rating & metrics (upper right) reflect the updated version only.


Blonds rarely appear outside of those with European heritage. However, Melanesians, who inhabit a subregion of Oceania (including Solomon Islands among others), are one of the few non-Europeans, & the only black complexioned people, to have a high blond hair rate.

The flavor of this bar reflects as much: a dark blonder.

Appearance   4.8 / 5
packaging among the tops int he field
Color: sandy brown (Prototype) turns purpled (78%)
Surface: long slat (7.5" x 2") scored into roughly 1 inch blocks
Temper: reserved front; choreographed rippling on the back
Snap: deep-throated; petrified cliff walls along the edge
Aroma   7.9 / 10
lumber cut from some big timber, a little rot to it (perhaps slight over-ferment), & dirt beneath with some leaf mulch
diesel & rubber in the distance

such studied reserve
Dark-Milk vanilla -> buttery leather -> soft woods
Mouthfeel   13.4 / 15
Texture: round & plump
Melt: duralast
Flavor   45.7 / 50
chocolate herb... & then a slow-go in releasing both Taste & Texture... sorta sits there in a pleasant hash funk -> underside of sweet banana & almond milk served in a coconut shell -> purple breadfruit -> very light yellow-white fruit (loquat)

sets out light & white fruit (that loquat cited in the earlier iteration), then digs deep... deeper... deepest (chocolate... cocoa... tannic thunder... mild activated charcoal -> red sweet spot (juicy cherry) huge & beautifully constative -> acacia gum -> runs slightly acidic into sour cherry -> butter -> minor bitter (dried monk fruit) -> roasted chestnut over wood chips (Litsea cube aka May Chang & its lemonness) -> limes out to the guava-inflected akebia
Quality   18.2 / 20

Closely resembles its parent seeds.

Nothing sexy or strong; just good bones 'n core principles of medium strength & length.

Zokoko removes virtually all the volatiles -- nary a trace of bitterness or astringency -- which reduces the flavors points some, almost to a alkalized streamline.

Kind chocolate, easy / accessible for just about everyone.

A huge step forward & up from the beta batches. Marvelous in fact for the percentage. So generous & sweet.

Phenomenal length just keeps on giving thanks in large measure to a copious butter cut that feels as sensuous as the finest Samoan cocoa butter ever for which that island gained renowned since centuries ago. The hard yards that Zokoko committed to aiding cacao growers in The Solomons with their groves & post-harvest practices really pays off & delivers the payload here.

Commendable all the way around. A stellar accomplishment for some generally humble stock. Furthermore, the box itself presents something giftable.

INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, lecithin; Barithmetic (Cocoa mass / Butter / Sugar ratio): 1.5 : 2 : 1

Reviewed July 31, 2013
Revised December 23, 2015


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