Info Details
Country USA   
Type Semi-Dark   (90%)
Strain Blend   
Source Nicaragua   (Matagalpa; La Dalla; Finca La Tronca)
Flavor Naked   
Style Old School      
Wanna easy 90%? That whimpers & trills in the voice of a unicorn?

Matthew 7:7, 8: “Ask, & it’ll be given; search & you’ll find; knock & the door will be opened.”

Staff of Life kind of stuff.

The Wonder Bread® of super hi-content chocolate... as in 'wonder how the hell they did that'.
Appearance   2.9 / 5
Color: on the purple side of brown
Surface: distressed...
Temper: ... in a transit beatdown
Snap: low & limp
Aroma   9.3 / 10
seriously sublime for 90% (or any percentage for that matter)
amber waves of toasted grains -- malted barley, oats, & wild rice sheathed in whole wheat
a tear drop of cinnamon-honey 'n maple syrup before veering into, get this, the deli section with select cuts of "fine charcuterie" (throwin' a bone to the connoisseur snots)
aerates cocoa-dirt
Mouthfeel   13.1 / 15
Texture: a pelt of felt interrupted by a lone Nib fragment
Melt: plasmatic
Flavor   44 / 50
dark cocoa powder, dusted with minor tannins -> peanut skins & bacon grease -> ground nut in potted soil -> flash glutamate -> toasted bread crumbs sweetened into recessed breadfruit with that cinnamon inflection from the Aroma -> brief plantain -> more dry cocoa -> golden grains
Quality   16.2 / 20
From its inception Pierrick Chouard of Vintage Plantations once sourced exclusively from Ecuador. This bar heralds a dynamic change for the label.

A Limited Edition release; limited in both flavor & volume.

Intense formulation yet exceedingly mild rendering (yeah, the butter pad equals the 10% sugaring but c'mon now) ... bland to the bored, no doubt... un-jaded initiates however will revel & relish in the poise & controlled mannerisms of a largely straight / no-chaser chocolate's chocolate.

Still, not without its savory point(s).

And bitterness? Hardly, & then only as well-grounded light swipes & pinches.

Astringency? Barely & then only at the post-script to resonate the oral chamber with residual flavor.

Oh, & the Texture? Bio-active, a gentle alternating electrical current.

Much of it owes to cacáo's intrinsics. Vintage processes to suit the profile: pretty straight down the middle save for a baby conche, an indicator of just how gentle these seeds are.

A select allotment of mixed-breeds of less than a half-ton culled from Giff Laube's fledgling operation in Nicaragua of which the chocolate world will be hearing more about in, hopefully, short order.

INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar

Reviewed October 1, 2013


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