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Country Canada   
Type Dark   (88% verging on Brut)
Strain Blend   
Source Dominican Republic   (+ Guatemala; Peru; Madagascar; Papua New Guinea)
Flavor Crossover   
Style New School      (by castng so far & wide)
Psychedemia at the ivy league University of Pennsylvania draws top scholastic minds from all over North America, & the world.

This confab explores the beneficial administration of controlled substances.

Formerly the haunt of shamans, sorcerers, hippies, teenagers & homeless addicts, entheogens now attract hard-headed PhDs who bring them out from the shadowy recesses & corners & into the investigative spotlight as a serious subject of inquiry. It serves both as a counter to restrictive medical dogma that often dominate the curricula of med schools & teaching hospitals, as well as a fulcrum to scrutinize with scientific rigor the properties of the original pharmacopeia -- nature's botanical apothecary.

Seminars cover cannabis, peyote, LSD, MDMA, psilocybin, ayahuasca, among other psychoactive supplements + a host of new designer prescription drugs.

Chocolate, probably due to its adulterated cheap candy status, rarely pops up at the conference.

Maybe that explains why chocophiles liken themselves instead to eonophiles with their overwrought comparisons to wine. Forget the simple stuff of grapes. The next time someone says 'chocolate is like fine wine', tell them 'please, it's far more than that'. show more »
Appearance   3.7 / 5
Color: organic
Surface: utilitarian; scruffy ruffian airside
Temper: flashback
Snap: on 11... unplugged
Aroma   7.2 / 10
a raw food pie
mango set amidst uncooked grains (oats & rice primarily)
the bletted fruit gives off camphorous vapors leading to myrrh & helichrysum then, get this, another rarity in choc -- celery root with, it gets better, a cigarette burn! (crazed indeed)
Mouthfeel   13 / 15
Texture: mainlines in...
Melt: ... a streamline
Flavor   44.3 / 50
berry blast bounces off a mission fig chunk -> Twizzler's® licorice -- first black, then red -> gets a bit nitty-gritty down 'n dirty -> some cocoa-basted iron beef / metallic streak trails into light whites (rambutan) which sweetens & smooths out the contour into straighter chocolate... for a moment -> recoils back to savory citrus greens (purslane) -> hits a grape fruit scrape -> butter toffee rum -> lowers the boom with big oaks
Quality   17.5 / 20
88 shades of crazy.

Puts the vex on. Confounding in its sorcery how this bar possesses so many unsweetened streaks alternating with, & even sometimes alongside of, some incredibly fruited ones.

Despite those metal fragments, quite a controlled & cohesive blend, excusing a little pulling apart here & there. Doubly so for a bruising percentage of 88%, from several origins that are less disparate than their distances give off. Each a rather high spirited flyer with the exception of Guatemala (which really squats on it, the one probably providing those dirt sensations, in tandem with the mossy PNG). Most of these cacáo destinations usually deliver stronger top sides compared to their bottom notes. Because of that generalized common characteristic, Soma skillfully scales up the percentage realizing that inherent sweet-spots (especially Madagascar & D.R.) can maintain a threshold level of palatability.

A monster mash of a micro batch that, given the multiple sources, covers lots of flavor territory.

INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter

Reviewed October 22, 2013


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