Cacáo Nuts

by Nahua
Info Details
Country Costa Rica   
Type Beans   
Strain Blend   (ICS; TSH; EET; R Clonal Series; +)
Source Costa Rica   (Alajuela; Bijagua de Upala)
Flavor Spices & Herbs   (the latter)
Style Old School      
Millenials thinks simulation started with The Matrix. The Art of War by Sun Tzu, a Chinese general who lived 2,600 years ago, contains this reality: "We live in a culture of simulation, in which nothing is what it seems & the image that reigns has no reference to the real world.”

Cacáo Nuts, as the primogenitors of the chocolate, bring it back home -- far from the slick-glitz packaging of bars. Eating them is like quitting smoking: everything regains its flavor; taste buds paved beneath decades of tar 'n nicotine (or sugar & fat in the case of chocolate, & sometimes salt) spring back to life & an entire sense restored.

But Cacáo Nuts often amount to adventure without clear direction. A randomized killing spree unleashing havoc.

These, by contrast, thankfully, underwhelm & thereby over-deliver.
Appearance   4.8 / 5

Color: bark with orange-pink hues on the skin; uniformly dark, almost black, interiors
Surface: several jumbos with a few toddlers; mainly flats
Temper: well-dried; hardly any incrustation
Snap: semi-resistent shells
Aroma   8.3 / 10
just a tad vinegar in this largely non-vinaigrette mix
instead soft woods, paper, pencil shavings, supple leather predominate… all fit for a librarian
classic Nib banana-head under the shell
Mouthfeel   12.1 / 15
Texture: tough crunch
Melt: wet meal
Flavor   45 / 50
banana / faint citrus -> grows savory green / herbal / salad with purslane the bridge from the citrus to the green -> light bitter Earth / dirt (top soil) -> woods out
Quality   17.2 / 20
Several nice aspects & virtually no offending ones. Simply put, a well-cultivated seed mix from Amistad Estate in Costa Rica (CR). 75 hectares growing 36 compatible types including ICSs 1, 39, 60, 95; EET 400; TSH 465 + the highly-touted R-clonal Series bred by the local CATIE gene bank.

These cacáo nuts the prequel to Felchlin's Grand Cru CR which finds a sequel in Nahua's own Dark Chocolate bar (soon to follow in a pending review -- stay tuned).

The center point herbal tone creates a healthy, savory side bracketed by fleeting citrus at the front (the precursors to peach-like tags) & soft girding at the finish.

The only issue: no cocoa notes to speak of, not even latent ones. Which means a challenger cacáo in terms of a finished bar as already evidenced in the aforementioned Felchlin. The Earthen & wooden impressions that come to dominate the tail substitute for a cocoa bottom-end.

All adds up to an attractive cacáo nut but a limited chocolate bar.

INGREDIENTS: cacáo nuts

Reviewed August 5, 2014


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