by Pitch Dark
Info Details
Country USA   
Type Dark   (73%)
Strain Amazon   
Source Fiji   (Namau)
Flavor Earthen   (torched Earth)
Style Industrial      
Chocolate’s all about numbers, the business of volume & scale because people nowadays are all about numbers. Insurance actuaries, income tax authorities, investment advisors each put on number on everybody’s head (‘what’s your number in order to comfortably retire’ a commercial portends). The paradox to living in the free world: it costs plenty, so buck up & prepare to pay for it.

Do the calculus.

Pick an area, any sector or vector.

Immigration – yep. Numbers of feet, mouths to feed, laborers, welfare recipients, jobs, students, dreamers.

Int’l Terrorism – oh yeah. Numbers of militants, recruits, converts, training sites, targets. Ditto counterterror agencies.

Finance & budgets – of course… nothing but numbers in denominations of millions, billions, trillions.

And the binary world of digi-tech reduces everything to 1s & 0s to hypersimulate reality way beyond irreality.

In sum, the entire universe a number. That’s the new math.

The rare nostalgic holdouts from a yesterworld that exist on the fringes yet to be accessed / processed into the global nexus belongs to some fusty conservation societies, curios & relics of how it used to be, such as naked inhabitants hunting with poison dart guns in the rainforest aimed at avoiding contact with the outside.

Cacáo from Fiji straddles that fence… between the quaint of past-times & the quants of now. Hence it attracts interest – of desire or dividend. Sorta the difference between getting someone’s cell number versus their account number. Ah, more numbers.

Get it before these islands find themselves devoured by economic gobble-ization & become just another unit in the equation; the updated version of all in all it’s just a / nother brick in the wall.
Appearance   4.7 / 5
Color: alluring crimson-mauve
Surface: (other than releases mark) idealized
Temper: sheer radiance
Snap: boom
Aroma   5.1 / 10
pulled-pork roasted & basted in balsamic-Worcestershire® bar-b-q sauce
tar + other petro-byproducts
pretty grisly
Mouthfeel   10.4 / 15
Texture: waxy
Melt: careful measures
Flavor   24.2 / 50
indeterminent starter hinting about kava until a slow cookie dough rolls up cookie sandwich -> latex & tar detected in the Aroma inhales moderately here before spoiling the proceedings permanently as they occlude a sooty nut -> conjoins with the waxen Texture to bounce back smoked rubber all around the oral chamber -> miraculously a savory taro chip followed by sweet potato manage a peek-a-boo (albeit & alas only momentarily) -> fitting strident & stringent finish
Quality   6.6 / 20
Just the 2nd foreign barsmith to craft with Fiji after Australia's Cravve 91% and 55%. Prior to these, only introduction on the premium chocolate market came from the native Adi label which plays with Fijian cacáo in its own backyard.

Upon further review, maybe the onslaught of modernity would be welcomed for the cacáo groves of Fiji. The social mediaverse can only improve this lot because, as is, it ain't worth sparing, at least not in this condition.

Sheesh, whoever sold these nuts should refund Pitch Dark + treble damages. As they say, there's evidently no graveyards for cocoa. Sooner or later every seed finds a market willing to pay.

Contaminated with gas smoke from mechanical drying beds. The taint even worse / cruder than the notorious PNG.

A bar in desperate need of the mortician's full make-up kit: extra cocoa butter, vanilla, & lecithin.

INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar

Reviewed September 26, 2014


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