Dark Milk with Flor de Sal

by Fruition
Info Details
Country USA   
Type Dark-Milk   (56%; Batch No. 1)
Strain CCN-51   
Source Peru   (San Martin)
Flavor Fruits & Flowers   
Style New School      
Flavor perceptions of chocolate are rooted in neurons that wire together & fire together. Upon a certain response, habits form, then replicate to keep replicating themselves. So the person takes a bar, the bar takes a bar, the bar takes the person, & what’s thought during the process becomes the mind. The brain is neuro-plastic like that: an uncanny ability to change thru experience.

Yearning develops as well for not only more but better which causes what Buddhists recognize as the 1st Noble Truth: dukkha (“unsatisfactoriness”). On & on & on… the craving turns on autopilot (one’s whole world really) for more & better… better & more…

The feedback loop complete -- thoughts, behavior & actions leave a trace in the mind, making it more likely to motivate a re-occurrence of similar actions in the future. Neuroscience confirms this phenomenon that neural networks are physically created & continually updated until hardwired.

The Zen teacher Daehaeng Kun Sunim summarizes: “People are often careless about the thoughts they give rise to, assuming that once they forget about a thought, that thought is finished. This is not true. Once you give rise to a thought, it keeps functioning, & eventually its consequences return to you.”

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Appearance   4.4 / 5
Color: brown rouge
Surface: hypno-perfect
Temper: fashion show matte
Snap: power block
Aroma   8.1 / 10
heavy even for a Dark-Milk
salt contributes a mineral density to a cup of morning joe along with additional coffee substitutes (chicory)
bounces around a little BMX light rubber action (kickball)
just a drop of dairy influence
Mouthfeel   13.8 / 15
Texture: untraceable
Melt: so true
Flavor   47 / 50
roasted caramel (so good) pulls lightly on salt -> mineralizes into jerk papaya-fig & tamarind (incredible) -> brief citric twang -> deep mocha -> candied apricot, then moraberry (sensational) -> dark Dark-Milk plunger (more akin to Dark-Rum-Cream)
Quality   17.6 / 20
Dark-Milk built on Fruition's San Martin platform.

For years San Martin has become a repository for the abysmal CCN in Peru. Either some other cacáo strains got mixed in this lot (for the benefit of Atlantic Cocoa -- the brokers of these seeds) or Bryan Graham of Fruition must be a magician.

Just as Satchmo Armstrong supposedly never read music (he anyways sure could play), Graham intuitively or intellectually knows what he does (probably a blend of both). However humble he appears in refraining from blowing his own horn, the guy's genius with compositions such as these.

Speaking of blending, this another of Fruition's customized blended batches. Tuned to ALL the right pitches, not an off-note among them. Plus those deeply & expertly embedded salt flakes, so enmeshed that the undifferentiated Texture betrays any trace of them. Gone. Except in the Flavor; though here too, Fruition scores it in such a deft-handed array with the dairy & vanilla & sugar that each sound off softly without any taking the lead, ironically felt more than heard, so to speak. Just a well-harmonized continuum of lifts absent any spikes or jags as their compatibility keep one another in check.

Fruition's a helluva drug. Its chocolate absorbs in a sultry tapestry everything deposited into it. And for a Batch No.1, Jesus, what could this guy be cooking up for subsequent tomes.

Falling off the wagon, again. Relapsed, any hoped-for recovery movement fails. Farewell, rehab. Like this, no quit. Swinging back up on the chocolate-chandelier… 1-2-3, 1-2-3, bite… to the peal of salt crystals.

INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, vanilla

Reviewed November 11, 2014


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