Acul du Nord

by Hogarth
Info Details
Country New Zealand   
Type Dark   (+ Flavored)
Strain Hybrid   
Source Fiji   (+ Haiti; + Venezuela)
Flavor Earthen   (x Fruits/Flowers)
Style New School      (flavor-wise)
With New Zealand way out there in the South Pacific as its launch pad, this barsmith goes into overdrive for tricks. World-grazing destination voyeurs ordering up cacáo from far flung places. It's in the name & in the blood; a recombinant mix of a thrill ride & the wild Hogwarts Academy.

Such produces headstrong, independent, do-it-their-own-way risk-seekers, a sub-universe unto themselves.

This frees them from that awkward, frustrating tangle of being off by their lonesome on Planet Earth. So Hogarth kick-starts a spot for Type-As (Adrenalizers) & Type-Ts (Tasters). Tapping into that exploding vein among thrashers, fanatics, & slaves-of-chocolate hell-bent on gnarly.

These bars get it done.
Appearance   4.8 / 5
Color: Acul du Nord: purpled passion
Matasawalevu; a sleepier red eye
Gianduia: pink-apricot
Surface: flawless
Temper: serene
Snap: shut but sharp
Aroma   9.3 / 10
Acul du Nord
powdered dried flower top note overhangs a multiplex (cocoa, soil, leather, vinyl, pine wood, spice!)

planar, more ground level than Acul du Nord but what a grounding -- gorgeously rich chocolate-tamarind

soft-G as in Gianduia lotion
Mouthfeel   13.7 / 15
Texture: thick foam
Melt: undying
Flavor   41.8 / 50
Acul du Nord
sweeeet cocoa onto caramel -> blanched almond -> recombines into walnut fudge brownie whence it settles in -> bagasse -> hovering fruit concealed by lite cardamom... reveals dried mulberry -> ripe (non-astringent) persimmon -> root beer -> dates

petrol drip combusts into solid roasted cocoa -> bitter brazil nut -> sweet spot confirms tamarind in the Aromatics (above) -> kava -> black char x lime drop (weird / wild / wondrous) -> ... acerbic cocoa throughout... -> wooded back set

namesake gianduia thru & thru at the opening tip with, as the progression melts, a sour-bitter twist thanks to stalwart cocoa of enduring stamina
Quality   15.5 / 20
Acul du Nord
Produits Des Iles SA (PISA), Haiti; 68% cacáo-content

Not the manifold flavor the Aroma teased but a powerhouse nonetheless. Hogarth really amps it. Strength thru sweetness. Such succulent brown tones & fruits. Well-measured & cut to suit this origin.

Sourced from the PISA org whose advancing techniques in handling the poly-crop 'Creole Garden' cacáo were foretold in Taza's release a couple years ago.

Vanua Levu, Fiji; 73% cacáo-content; Amelonado-based

Once again Hogarth brings heavy. Except this one lays on bitterly. An unruly allotment -- several misfits among the staunch middle of the bell curve that overall makes for misalignment. Alternates between un/appealing currents, some which run concurrent. Sort out the bad seeds & this wins.

Puerto Cabello, Venezuela

Seamless integration at a perfect pitch on the first lap around the lips to give the Domori gold standard a run for its once-novel dark chocolate Il Gianduja Fondente.

This bar eventually lags to an intriguing then intruding cocoa that may furnish fresh novelty -- that sour-bitter tonic in the mid-section -- albeit somewhat faltering. Surprising too, for the regional cacáo packs a punch despite constituting less than half the total bar in a Barithmetic (Cocoa / Hazelnut / Sugar ratio) of ~9:6:5. Further flavor development of the base chocolate would smooth the spikes & jolts. Which might work against the intent here, viz., to awaken somnambulant tastebuds jaded from umpteenth bars of the fine stuff.

INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter (for Gianduja add hazelnuts)

Reviewed March 7, 2018


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