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Country Canada   
Type Brut   (100%; Batch A6)
Strain Blend   
Source (Papua New Guinea; Ghana; Ivory Coast; Madagascar)
Flavor Crossover   (Earthen x Twang)
Style Neo-Modern      
An all-in-one tail of Moron, Weasel, & Douche-bag:

In lower Manhattan around the corner from Greenwich & Rector, sits a strip club loaded with pole-dancers right next to a deli serving the usual meat cuts with cheese. The two share a kitchen in the back where customers of either can have a lap dance on top of their sliced sausage. Real-life intimacy that subs for Facebook relationships.

Shopworn douche bags in the area wear & pay for Comme de Garçon but look head-to-toe no better than Gap™. That describes lots of designer stuff nowadays to a T, year after year (DDC Lab, APC &, in the summer, Prada). A fortune spent to look nondescript: navy blue T-shirt & jeans. The only cheap item - Doc Martens at a hundred bucks.

Morons also justify shelling out high rent not for a whole apartment but a tiny room in one because, hey, where else but NYC can you find that... it's so way cool... after drowning in a just a couple Red Stripes, then fighting for bathroom rights for who can pisshaps the fastest.

Weasels: when the bank is all flushed out, this bar - effectively a lap dance that hams it up - will feel like an affordable replacement.
Appearance   3.8 / 5
Color: grey-buck brown
Surface: thinly poured mold lightly scored w/ hi-designed cacáo pods
Temper: frosted bloom city
Snap: bad-tempered brittle break; solid edge wall
Aroma   7.9 / 10
complicated: dense ground flooring of chocolate-caramel & peanut -> sprouting a pea shoot -> peat moss -> sea greens break into dross... hard fromage on a cheese board -> raw cacáo elements
Mouthfeel   10.9 / 15
Texture: chewing gum
Melt: fractured
Flavor   40.4 / 50
chicle supported by copious butter -> greens & acids collide as PNG and Mad duke it out... more brutal than Ultimate Fight Competition -> back bitter turns sour -> citric bug spray -> starts to have a beef... hemoglobin & iron -> a little jambone for smoked ham -> faint chocolate at the periphery covered in peanut skins buried in mud -> hard charred brownie
Quality   14.3 / 20
Certain sensations one wishes would never end. This isn’t one of them.

What briefly begins with lots of promise undergoes somatic changes into a more traditional unsweetened 100%: punishment. A modified version of the stellar Arcana 3-100 formulation: add-in a 4th origin – Ivory Coast (basically an extension of sorts to Ghana) - theoretically furnishing this with deeper base-chocolate foundation but practically negated by PNG which swaps out DR... more proof of DR’s prowess & why PNG (particularly this one previewed in Soma’s 70% PNG) is no substitute since it clashes with Madagascar to trigger a confabulation of woes.

Nothing horrendous; just ill conceived & tough on the senses. But as novelist Ellen Glasgow observed, “The only difference between a rut & a grave are the dimensions.”

ING: cacáo

Reviewed Autumn 2009


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