Ecuador Milk 50%

by The Chocolate Tree
Info Details
Country Scotland   
Type Milk Chocolate   (50%)
Strain Hybrid   
Source Ecuador   
Flavor Earthen   
Style New School      
Easter / Spring Break celebrates fertility & rebirth.

The Chocolate Tree of Scotland understands, whether intuitively or intellectually, that the primordial Theobroma cacáo stood for a sort of axis mundi, a tree of life, in Mayan cosmology. And its fruits, bearing seeds from which all chocolate derives, represented the female aspect.

Milk Chocolate then, a European innovation on straight Dark bars, cops a kind of lesbian motherhood by marrying the feminine cacáo to the dairy of mammals. So well beloved it populates shelves just about everywhere.

To complete this encyclical, some, like Nietzsche among others, believe Jesus' ethics embody the feminine.

In conversion practices of Amerinds with Christianity, a syncretism sprouts forth:
While nailed to the cross, Jesus miraculously turned around completely, exposing his back, & from his back came maize… (he) descended from the tree & lay down in its shade. Then he blessed the tree that it might serve for cacao. Instantly there was cacao. (”Folk Tales in Chichicastenango”, Guatemala, Sol Tax, 1949)
For this season's spirit of renewal, The Chocolate Tree returns to Ecaudor -- arguably the crib of the species some 10,000 to 15,000 years ago in the Amazon Rainforest but also its possible crypt since an army of soulless clones have invaded the territory recently -- in an attempt to resurrect the indigenous trees & taste.

It thus puts chocolate, originally taken as a draft, together with milk in this an updated format with a Flavor Profile that preaches to the flock as a line from Paul the Apostle, 1 Corinthians 3: 1-2, as to infants in Christ, I give you milk, not meat for you are not ready for it.

A simpering caramel in the guise of a Dark-Milk. (For the real meat, see The Chocolate Tree's 100.)
Appearance   4.6 / 5
Color: unusual rosewood for Ecuador
Surface: precision perfect save for, again, pinholes in the side pockets
Temper: icy
Snap: uplifting
Aroma   9.4 / 10
roasted anise & burnt sugar generate caramelized birch / wintergreen (superb)
positively unique for the category -- unlike practically any other MC
+, huh?, coconut-grilled artichoke
then, get this, pineapple-celery
ultimately poofs flowers
WTFudge? setting the table for 'wow', let's hope
Mouthfeel   11.7 / 15
Texture: soft grain
Melt: stunted
Flavor   37.3 / 50
floral caramel immediately turns saccharine caramel, then salted, & finally cocoa caramel -> back end tuber quality -> parting shot all cream
Quality   14.5 / 20
So many promises, so few kept.

Unreasonable to expect the manifold perfumes in the Aroma to transfer over to Flavor. But, oh well, here's (still) hoping.

This ordinariness of it all -- variations on caramel -- deceives however because their very number, 4, sequenced in a single bar, is virtually unparalleled.

Credit the choice of sweetener: coconut blossom sugar, palm nectar, or whatever it's called. As covered in greater depth with Middlebury's Bali bar, this sweetener inheres with its own caramel tones & strongly dominates, dare say, taints the FlavPro of chocolates, be they Dark or Milk.

This bar proves no different as it cowers under the onslaught of a heavy-pushing sweet pasting.

Hence, despite 50% cacáo-content, this steers largely clear of core chocolate notes to avoid any Dark-Milk bearing.

A bar more for a novelty rapidly wearing thin &/or a niche of diabetics buying into claims of coconut sugar that are generally overstated.

Barsmiths should abandon it (as Middlebury did) unless assiduously paired (re: Åkesson Sukrama Milk).

INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, coconut sugar, milk powder, cocoa butter,

Reviewed April 18, 2014


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