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Country Lithuania   
Type Dark   (+ Flavored)
Strain (various)
Source (multiple)
Flavor Earthen   (mainly)
Style New School      
Cancer centers the last few years have gone on a marketing binge. Here's a couple examples taken from such ad campaigns:

Introducing the latest in cancer therapy – you.


Or try this:

Our goal is to save more than your life.

Really now.

Well, introducing Dr. Domantas of The Medical Program at Naive Chocolate Tech. No, he's not an oncologist but his Elementus bar dispensary concocts neutriceuticals, including chocolate, for specific conditions & directed outcomes.

In addition to that, he now combines most of the bars throughout his wider line with clarified butter, utilizing the latest research in Oleogustus because fat is now confirmed as a) good for health & b) the ‘6th Sense’ (taste-wise, that is).

Beyond feel, oral signaling detected in perceptual mapping & the unique impressions caused by differing alkyl chain lengths verifies that fatty acids produce taste sensations distinct from the other 5 (bitter, sweet, sour, salt, umami).

Guess the anti-fat neo-Spartans who rail against added cocoa butter let alone clarified dairy butter in their chocolate just want to keep it lean & simple. And potentially deleterious?

Thank you, Dr. Domantas, for the indulgence which might even prevent cachexia.
Appearance   3.7 / 5
Color: several of forbidden darkness… yes, Darth Invaders
Surface: grainy
Temper: look what Scruffy the Cat brought in
Snap: some benders
Aroma   8.9 / 10
practically every scent -- at least in the collection taken as a whole -- known to the human nose
Mouthfeel   11.7 / 15
Texture: slick yet a bit sticky
Melt: quickly
Flavor   41.2 / 50

Extra Dark
85% cacáo-content; Lot N001; Criollo; Ambolikapiky, Madagascar
solid / stolid chocolate notes, almost zero acidity usually so redolent of Madagascan cacáo until the last phase & even then quite mute however satisfying -> caps it with a hazelnut-espresso (outstanding)
High cacáo percentage for a Madagascan which actually performs best in the semisweet range (mid to upper 60 percentile). Quite palatable nonetheless, softened of sorts by the addition of clarified butter.
INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, clarified butter; lecithin

70% cacáo-content; Lot N001; Nicaliso; Nicaragua
dry baseline cocoa burns -> sugar candy -> bitter tannins -> bitter-sour cherry
Poor integration of flavor profile. This bar fights itself between tannic cocoa & reduction sweeteners. The twain never truly meet / match. The least of Nicalisos to date.
INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, clarified butter; lecithin

Dark with Hops
67% cacáo-content; Lot N001; Blend
hops aboard a lightly-processed cocoa gushing with a head of sweet exuberance; vibrant & clear drafts of flavor + so well-harmonized; exceptional
INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, clarified butter, hops, lecithin

Dark with Berries
65% cacáo-content; Lot N001; Criollo; Ambolikapiky, Madagascar
Madagascan cacáo inheres with its own red-berry overtones, especially in the semisweet range, so, beyond complementary, adding berries as an inclusion amounts to redundancy…. this (specifically the black currants) run roughshod over the chocolate base
INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, freeze-dried blueberries, strawberries, black currants, clarified butter, lecithin


67% cacáo-content
Extremely Limited Edition
a fruited chocolate plume envelops the mushroom patch which in turn infuses the chocolate, pays it back with nut inflections & a wild kind of marsh mallowy 'sroom + sweet dough note (exquisite -- both bread loaf & breadfruit)
With porcini, Naive enters the realm of "fine fungi" for all the "fine chocolate" sophisticrats, a delicacy par excellence instead of Elementus' medicinals (below) or even some of the pop flavors to the Dark Bars (above), this rises to the level of culinary / gastronomy.
A beautiful piece to behold; better yet to experience & ingest.
From the initial inhale to the throat-clearing last drop -- a masterwork.
INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, clarified butter, lecithin


#1 Energy
53% cacáo-content
prunic entrance, brief apple-mulberry & then the cordyceps set in like forceps on the tongue
From Red Bull to 5-Hour Energy, humans seek more stimulus & Naive delivers it in the form of this brown (baby) gorilla. Pumped with the Chinese fav of cordyceps mushrooms.

Now juiced, this newly-acquired charged-up feeling must be spent… outdoors… ergo, no time / patience to write a proper review on it. Just feel it.
INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, dried mulberries, cocoa butter, raw honey, freeze-dried apples, beetroot extract, cordyceps extract, black pepper, sunflower lecithin

#2 Fit
55% cacáo-content; Lot 0075
chocolate interlaces coffee & dried fruit (mulberry) while effacing itself in the process for a higher fusion; excellent... if FitBit® were this good for people, they'd eat it
INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, dried mulberries, cocoa butter, cordyceps, raw honey, cinnamon, peanuts, black pepper, sunflower lecithin

#3 Digestive
58% cacáo-content; Lot 0075
licorice in the house & in the mouth… star anise too, reinforces the FX… a licorice stick in a bar
INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, dried mulberries, cocoa butter, licorice, star anise, probiotics, black pepper, sunflower lecithin

#4 Antioxidant
55% cacáo-content; Lot 0075
disagreeable, to state the mildly obvious; more a quasi-vitamin supplement than a chocolate bar
INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, dried mulberries, cocoa butter, blueberries, pterostilbene, resveratrol, black pepper, sunflower lecithin

#5 Detox
51% cacáo-content; Lot 0075
Chlorella, Beetroot, Lemon & Clay… all adds up to a kind of pruned hash to magnetize the toxins in the body & blood & drive them out like exorcism
INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, dried mulberries, chlorella, cocoa butter, honey, beetroot, lemon peel, clay, black pepper, sunflower lecithin

#6 Relax
44% cacáo-content; Lot 0075
fudgy -- fruity -- milky & mushroomy… get on the Ys as lion's mane (a sort of lobster-tasting fungi) & the milk casein protein conspire along with sugar / low-cocoa content to maker this the sweetest of Naive's Elementus
INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, dried mulberries, almonds, cocoa butter, honey, lion's mane extract, lactium, black pepper, sunflower lecithin

#7 Libido
54% cacáo-content; Lot 0075
once past the mulberry jam, a very black act relieved inconsequentially by a strawberry halo… arousal by fright
INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, dried mulberries, cocoa butter, honey, cordyceps, tribulus, freeze-dried strawberries, cayenne pepper, sunflower lecithin

#8 Defense
54% cacáo-content; Lot 0075
mulberry jelly -> sinks into a spore hole -> only the faint outlines of the kiwi-like Actinide arguta
More elemental meds…brace yourself
INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, dried mulberries, cocoa butter, honey, maitake extract, lion's mane extract, freeze-dried actinidia, black pepper, sunflower lecithin

From the mythic island of Mulaté where the cacáo gods hang, featuring a Moderist mold with asymmetrical edges...

65% cacáo-content; Lot #N001
a Semi-Dark laden with cinnamon, cayenne & vanilla which leads with the last, very vanilla driven / centric… cinnamon follows, then a slow-creep of heat at the back from the pepper attended by a spiced fruit cake; terrifically warm & sweet with a fantastic antique finish
INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, clarified butter, vanilla, cinnamon, cayenne

45% cacáo-content; Lot #N001
A traditional enough combo except in a Dark-Milk format, emphasis milk as dairy gets the upper hand early on… keeps it until peanut butter thickens the contours with some cocoa backing. Salt never really lifts the assemblage which sputters at the end
INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, milk powder, cocoa butter, peanut butter, clarified butter, salt

45% cacáo-content; Lot #N001
Oddly, a rare pair -- sesame & chocolate -- & Naive just crushes them
Tahini beautifully toasted & pulverized into paste, the bar sprinkled with a few raw seeds, together they give depth & freshness in a base heavy on cocoa butter (see formulation below) yet deceptively supportive with cocoa as well, as the sesame fills in the gaps with nut flavor which, taken as a whole, simulates roasted cereal grains
So deftly measured & executed
INGREDIENTS: cocoa butter, sugar, cocoa mass, milk powder, tahini, clarified butter, sesame seeds

Quality   15.6 / 20
Naive… way too sophisticated for some of these slug slabs (mainly in the Elementus range) while consummate / expert as usual on others (the purer bars as well as the stellar Porcini and Tahini).

The employment of clarified butter softens & slickness the textural load.

Reviewed September 8, 2015


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