Prototype Bar
Production Bar

by Original Beans
Info Details
Country Netherlands   (via Switzerland)
Type Dark   (70% cacáo-content)
Strain Blend   
Source Tanzania   (Udzungwa)
Flavor Fruits & Flowers   (x Naked)
Style Classic      
The following review features 2 bars -- a Prototype from Spring '16 and Production version over the Winter '16-'17 -- of Original Beans' Cru Udzungwa. The overall rating applies to the Production bar only.

In Africa Original Beans (OB) likes mountain redoubts. Witness their prior Virunga.

So for an encore the label chooses another -- Udzungwa -- thanks to local handlers Kokoa Kamili in the southwest shadow of Domori's Morogoro.

They're at it again -- saving the world from itself by building a sanctuary for endangered elephants to co-exist near cacáo now that poachers & farmers encroach on wildlife. When will this band ever learn that mankind is a bunch of breeders who spew enough waste that without the likes of OB-Kamili this blue planet would be just a swirling toilet.

The secret weapon in their latest campaign: bee hives! Turns out the gentle giants are scared of the tiny stingers so they stray away from farmland into the safer confines of their natural habitat.

Appearance   3.3 / 5
Color: obscure
Surface: trampled on
Temper: fuzzy
Snap: poink snug
Aroma   7.6 / 10
Prototype Bar
cocoa dust of a near-candy quality but also somewhat gamey primates too that harkens to Hershey's lipolysis, including an herbal ass note

Production Bar
a chocolate swamp
for anyone looking to rut, look no farther... a sweaty mix in the company of rhinos, hippos & buffalos
allow it to air & their hides turn to leather
Mouthfeel   13.2 / 15
Texture: Prototype Bar: upper midweight...
Production Bar: nitty gritty
Melt: Prototype Bar:... hence medium-long
Production Bar:
outlasts itself
Flavor   45.4 / 50
Prototype Bar
drops down instant cocoa & just as rapidly picks up a fruit acid (baobab)... holds these parallel tracks with some sisal 'n muhuhu in the background (what the makers dub 'hay' in the liner notes)... -> nut whisper -> ripens at the tail to cherry cordial in a nod that harkens back to one of the 1st single-origin bars ever from Tanzania -- Pralus' -> out on dusky 'cocoa-lactose' (re: 'toffee' according to Original Beans; ok)

Production Bar
rice crispies (both in Texture and Taste) -> mulling spices (centered around brown sugar) -> vanilla -> rising fruit-stream that burbles from light to dark hues, supportive Earthen werks contain it -> subtle but deep licorice vein (exceptional)... call it a vanilla-licorice brittle -> kumquat blossoms (whew) -> black toffee aft-FXs to live up to the promises in the liner notes
Quality   17.8 / 20
Prototype Bar
A good pickup even if 'Cru' blandishes its status.

Publicly classified as 'Trinitario' (re: a li'l bit o' this, a li'l bit o' dat / a li'l here, a li'l there / add salt 'n pepper & voila, it's 'Trinitario').

Whatever its pedigree, quite the fruit vibrator in keeping with Kamila's recent harvests. Slight bitter, moderate acidity, & a speck of dirt or two (+ some lactic acid leftovers), though generally clean as reflected in the virtually stringent-free finish which leaves a simple lingering, even enduring, cocoa aft-taste.

Sound all-around symmetry to defy its mere 16-hour conche. Added cocoa butter pad serves admirably in developing such.

Production Bar
Manifold stack. The verticals on this flavor array span the depths & the heights.

Nibs tossed in the mix to approximate a coarse grind + raw cane alter the outcome... the latter especially colors the contours here.

All the good people at OB & their manufacturer Felchlin really put these seeds in the cross-hairs of the flavor matrix to broaden its potential. A bit of an overall dark pall despite its sweetness but full & expansive at that.

Indeed, about as brut as a 70% gets.

INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter

Prototype Reviewed May 11, 2016
Production Reviewed December 30, 2016


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