Samoa Milk

by Daintree Estates
Info Details
Country Australia   
Type Dark-Milk   (50%)
Strain Hybrid   
Source Samoa   
Flavor Fruits & Flowers   
Style New School      (Flav Profile more than processing method)
Answers to the fundamental mysteries of human nature can be found, E.O. Wilson says, in our eusocial movement. One such huge pre-adaptive step: the formation of the earliest communities around campfires.

“When humans started having a camp—and we know that Homo erectus had campsites—then we know they were heading somewhere. They were a group progressively provisioned, sending out some individuals to hunt & some individuals to stay back & guard the valuable campsite. They were no longer just wandering through territory, emitting calls. They were on long-term campsites, maybe changing from time to time, but they had come together. They began to read intentions in each other’s behavior, what each other are doing. They started to learn social connections more solidly.”

Milk Chocolate, long-forgotten & overlooked in the new craft chocolate movement, similarly requires the provisioning of many components, a warm fire, & a certain specialization to pull it off well. Or luck.

Either way, when it comes right together, they get along rather... well, 'eusocially'. At that point, there’s no looking back.

A Milk Chocolate, here to stay, from Daintree.
Appearance   4.2 / 5
Color: light pewter
Surface: distressed (chips, flakes, nicks, scuffs)
Temper: antique vintage
Snap: clipped
Aroma   7.9 / 10
a little aeromatically fishy -- what belongs at the start to the custard / pudding / tapioca family winds up in the bagels, lox & cream cheese dept of the sandwich deli
Mouthfeel   12 / 15
Texture: powder
Melt: slow dissolve
Flavor   48.1 / 50
florid banana-caramel pudding wreathed with florals (orchids [vanilla] +... the cream taste of pedelai & oncidium sharry ‘baby’ [vanilla-chocolate countenance] & the honeyed hyacinth kewda) -> lemon zest in the recesses -> dried sour cherry (sweet in a tart way) -> bergamot seeds with small wood (think lemon-citrus when crushed due to presence of terpenes linalool & pinene in bergamot, & an underside of warm, spiced-nuts) -> wafer at the base -> tapioca sweetened in myrrh / licorice &, admittedly, trace cardboard masked as kava... blown away for the most part by the preceding winds of flavor -> limes out
Quality   15.9 / 20
Forget appeasements about Dark-Milks appealing equally to regular Milk Chocolate & straight Dark Chocolate fans. This bar earns consideration on its own merits.

Subpar ancillaries -- Appearance & moreover Texture -- but with perfumes like this who cares?

Unique flavors rearely encountered in Milk Chocolate, even a Dark-Milk. Especially at such intensity. Zotter's Nicaragua, another 50%er, possesses unusual highlights but at shimmering inebriated levels.

This is very Southern Hemisphere. That wondrous sour cherry possibly an offshoot of vanilla from neighboring Tahiti rather than the Bourbon variety out of Madagascar. Or could it be Aussie-grown vanilla? Raw sugar also influences the overall complex with its richness, its residual licorice-like molasses. And such a natural pitch to the bergamot as opposed to the fake lengths found, albeit a Dark, in Dos Rios. Throw in the exotic flower garland & this delivers a breath of the South Pacific.

A far cry & improvement over Daintree's other island MC from Vanuatu; this more in league with the one from its own cacáo groves -- the Australian Milk Chocolate.

Should Samoa advance its post-harvesting practices, it will attain some special credentials. In some limited ways, it already has.

INGREDIENTS: raw sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, milk solids, sunflower lecithin, vanilla

Reviewed January 30, 2013


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