07 Hawaii
19 Sulawesi
29 Rich Milk
36 Kinako

by 100% Chocolate Cafe
Info Details
Country Japan   
Type Semi-Dark   (+ Milk Chocolate; + White Chocolate… of sorts))
Source Hawai'i USA   (+ Indonesia)
Flavor Crossover   
Style Neo-Modern      (x New School)
Certain Japanese -- such as the Okinawans -- live longer than any other ethnic group. They have healthier hearts & bones largely due to their cultural habit called Hara Hachi Bu -- which entails eating just until about 80% full.

These little tiles (2-bite sized noshers) from Japan that come in candy-colored squares fit perfectly with that longevity practice.
Appearance   4.8 / 5
Color: color correct on the Dark bars; stunning Earth tones on the Milks
Surface: pro cube
Temper: beautiful textured vinyl
Snap: just a sigh
Aroma   7.2 / 10
07 Hawaii
cocoa tannins & peanut skins… hardly the most Hawaiian-like scent

19 Sulawesi
a stick in the mud

29 Rich Milk
reflects its name &, moreover, blond color: heavy cream

36 Kinako
gluten-free bakery specializing in roasted soy flour
Mouthfeel   13.9 / 15
Texture: oh-so-tender
Melt: relatively short 'n sweet
Flavor   43.6 / 50
07 Hawaii
coconut-fudge -> bagasse -> white pineapple -> lite spice cocoa finish
Pretty insubstantial, & at 62%, underweight. Yet glimpses peek thru of a promising chocolate awaiting more of itself.

19 Sulawesi
innocent cocoa with sugar to meet & match it -> brown sugar spicing at the back + late-breaking jambu (Asian apple)
Another 62%, this one built upon Amelonado gene stock, which better proportions this origin than the Hawaiii (above).

29 Rich Milk
vanilla egg cream -> u-fat-mami -> brown butterscotch rum
Limited amplitude but extremely exacting. A stellar world-class Milk Chocolate.

36 Kinako
roasted peanut butter -> soy milk fattened with cocoa butter -> blonde miso -> toasted cereal grains
Subtitled Discovery of Japan, this amounts to a sort of White Chocolate utilizing that traditional Japanese staple -- soy -- only the 2nd of its kind after Zotter's Soja Weiß. HIghly-executed with intention.
Quality   17.4 / 20
As Sharffen-Berger to Hershey's®, so 100% Chocolate Cafe is to Meiji (the actual manufacturer & Japan's largest chocolate corporation): an internal line.

It produces, among a myriad of other products, this ordinal series that currently numbers 56 bars. Judging by these 4, the whole set might well be worth collecting.

Meticulous... whether for an artisan or conglomerate. If only Mars could approximate such. Very polite & mannered with plenty of safety margin for the mass consumer market yet with tweaks & innovative touches (e.g., Kinako).

Japanese craft across the board -- whether cars, keyboards or sake -- trends toward perfection. Meiji adheres to the national trait.

Reviewed August 6, 2015


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